Miley Cyrus donned her face mask gave full coverage, but not her revealing outfit: She reveals about her sexuality and more!

Recently, Miley Cyrus was spotted outside, she took all the precautions to cover her face, but it looked like she should have covered something else too. Keep reading to find out more about this topic.

Miley Cyrus’s outfit leaves people in shock!

The former Disney star Miley Cyrus was spotted outside at Calabasas, Los Angeles. She was wearing a white tank top, but it felt like she forgot to wear a bra underneath it. The 28 years old’s protection against coronavirus was perfect, but her top seemed very less effective to cover her up. Sources reveal that she was stepped out of shops.

Her see-through top did not look like something she should have worn outside. But as we all know, she has a habit of surprising her fans with her weird and unique outfits. Her choice of outfits left little to the imagination, but you will be shocked to know that the 28 years old actress also revealed her sexuality to the world.

If you are one of her hardcore fans, then you might know that the 28 years old never misses a chance to treat her fans to show-stopping looks. You can check out some of the most glamorous looks below. 

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Australian actor Liam Hemsworth’s wife Miley Cyrus shares about her sexuality

Recently, in an interview, the Hannah Montana actress revealed that she likes girls too. On the ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast, the 28 years old admitted, that girls are way hotter. She added that d**ks make wonderful sculptures, and everybody would agree to that too. And no doubt the former Disney star would make a great bust as well.

The bisexual actress and musician also disclosed that she prefers women over men. She also said that she could have s*x with women longer than men. She said that she likes the shape of d**ks as shown and as sculptures and art pieces, but she is not interested in them. Miley also said that t**s are prettier than b**ls.

Miley Cyrus expressed her happiness on her Instagram account after her song tops on the US chart!

Recently, the 28 years old singer took to her social media account to thank her fans for assisting to keep the record at No. 1 for more than a month in the rock charts in the US. She said that her song Plastic Hearts was on the rock charts for five weeks.

She added that it is a hard time to be happy when there is sadness all around the world, but she cannot overlook the support she is getting for her record. She also expressed her gratitude for all the people who are relating or have listened to this album.

Final Words

The Prisoner singer certainly knows how to make a statement and make her fans asking for more. And talking about her sexuality, every person has the right to choose and live life the way they want. We will be back with more news about your favorite celeb, so stay tuned.


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