Microsoft in a new update to its browser bringing back one of Edge’s best features ongoing demand from users. Along with this the company also adding improved touch support for its mobile devices.

As we all know that Microsoft Edge still lacking some of the high demanding abilities like the PDF editors. Om getting high request to add this feature in th next update the company is all set to bring PDF features to edit and create PDFs. This will first be released in UWP Edge or in legacy. 

Some of the capabilities that were found previously working in the Internet Explorer were removed by Microsoft. And this replacement was made after the release of Chromium Edge ok early 2020. 

As we all know that in the previous version of Microsoft Edge, we were allowed by the browser to navigate to a page, can even browse documents in a two-pane view. Moreover, in th two-pane view mode we there’s a feature to zoom in and out smoothly in the PDF, along with this could even highlight the important information. 

Finding these features to be very important and a must-have feature in the Edge, the company announced that these will be available in the Chromium Edge and Microsoft after the update. Also will bring back its search tool for PDF files to locate the file and start your editing. 

All Edge Canary users can now see a search option at the top of the page. This search option will allow them to search their required PDFs.

Web Capture- 

Its been found in the Q4 last year, that Microsoft started testing out its new feature called the Web Capture in Edge. This feature allowed users to store content on the web and further copy it to the clipboard, but all this after taking a screenshot of that particular content. 

However, the software giant is now broadening on its capability with this new feature to save content in the screenshots. Undoubtedly, this will be useful for all Microsoft Surface device users or any other tablets and laptop. And the feature is currently rolling out for all active users with Canary builds of Microsoft Edge. 

Do you expect these features as a must needed one? If yes, then feel free to say which one and why in the comments. 


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