Ransomware attacks are increasing day by day and companies are really trying to prevent it. A lot of big companies have grouped together to stop such ransomware attacks.


 Microsoft, McAfee, the Institute for Security and Technology (IST), and some other companies have grouped together to solve the problem. About 19 technology companies have teamed up and made an association named the Ransomware Task Force (RTF).

The association will work on finding the ways to reduce such attacks. They will look for the best solutions possible to reduce the threats. All the technological solutions will be considered and a standard antivirus framework will be designed which will help prevent such attacks in the future. The antivirus will be provided to all the companies who are facing the problem of ransomware attacks.


The ransomware attacks have been increasing at a very fast rate in the technological market. A lot of companies facing issue with it. Recently, Pfizer, a company who was engaged in producing Covid-19 vaccine, was hacked and some data was stolen. This kind of attacks really affect the company’s activities and slows down important processes.

There are some of the big companies like Equinix, Kmart, and Foxconn which were very badly affected by a high-profile ransomware attack in 2020. 

The ransomware attacks can lead to loss of sensitive information, and it can also financially affect businesses. It can also affect the reputations of the affected companies.

In recent years, ransomware attacks have increased so much. A large number of companies have been affected by such attacks. There should be a strong antivirus be made to reduce such attacks and to make sure that such incidents will not happen in future.


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