Micromax is an Indian electronic product manufacturing company. It is based in Haryana, India. It had commenced its operation In 2000. The company was one of the major smartphone manufacturing companies in 2010. 

It had manufactured many low-end smartphones at a relatively lower price in the market. YU  which is also a smartphone brand is a subsidiary of Micromax. However, it had to go through a rough patch as soon as the Chinese companies joined the rivalry. Since then Chinese Smartphones are ruling the Indian Market. 

However, the border conflict between both India and China has ignited the sentiments of boycotting Chinese products including both hardware and software. Since then, several Chinese apps have been banned in the nation. Many companies had to face an enormous amount of loss due to this decision. 

Subsequently, the sentiments of purchasing the products which are manufactured inside the nation have been prevailing. People are looking towards the products and other applications that are developed in India. So as to become self-dependent. 

In this situation, One of India’s one of the oldest smartphone manufacturing firms, Micromax has organized to launch its budget smartphone for the people in the country. They are set to launch them on 3rd November 2020 at noon. 


Several details related to those smartphones have been exposed before the launch event. The firm has agreed to launch two smartphones. These smartphones will be embedded with the powerful MediaTek Helio G35 and the other one will be accompanied by MediaTek Helio G85 processors. 

One of the smartphones which come with MediaTek Helio G35 is expected to have an enormous 5000mAh battery. The phone will have a pretty long-lasting capacity. One must not worry about battery life. And it has a tremendous screen of 6.5″ display which is HD+. The smartphone comes with 3GB RAM as well as 32GB Internal Storage which is pretty good. 

The cost of the smartphones in this “IN” series may be between INR 7000-15000. This price is for the people in the nation. 


The company stated that As they have returned to manufacturing the Smartphones, they are set to capitalize 500 Crore INR to develop products for all ages of customers. Products from low-end configuration to high-end configuration. 

Micromax has two manufacturing divisions in India. They are located in Bhiwandi and another one in Hyderabad. They are planning for their expansion. They can develop 2 Million smartphones in a month. 

Stay tuned for more gadgets update and upcoming sales.

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