The Korean comic Mercenary Enrollment Has released chapter 81 for the masses to read. The comic is popularly known as the Manhwa in Korea. If you are a regular reader of this comic and have been looking for the whereabouts of chapter 81 then you are in luck. We have all the information about the comics which includes the source information of the comic. Let’s then start by talking a bit about the creators of the comics.

Mercenary Enrollment chapter 81

The comic series was created by YC with the illustrations done by Rakhyun. These two people started the comic in November 2020. Since then, the comic has gained popularity very fast and has become one of the most read comics in Korea. Chapter 81 of the comic has been produced and published by STUDIO JHS. The latest chapter was released on 15th April 2022 on the Naver WEBTOON publishing platform. You can read the comic by going to the website of the publishing service.

On this website, you will not have to pay anything to read the comic. The service is completely free of cost. Further ahead you will find the details about the characters who are present in chapter 81.

Mercenary Enrollment chapter 81 characters

The chapter 81 of Mercenary Enrollment is going to be all about 4 characters. The four characters are Doosik, Kilsoo, Ijin, and Hyungseok. Obviously, the other characters from the series are also going to be there in chapter 81 but the main plot is going to revolve around these 4 characters’ actions and decisions. Having said that, let’s see what these four characters are going to do in chapter 81 of Mercenary Enrollment.

Mercenary Enrollment chapter 81 plot

In the 81st chapter of Mercenary Enrollment, the evil Kilsoo will be holding Doosik captive. Along with Doosik, Hyungseok is also being held captive by Kilsoo. While being tortured in hot water, Doosik somehow escapes and goes to Ijin for help. Together Ijin and Doosik attack the Cantina of Kilsoo. While Doosik defeats the smaller guards, Ijin takes on Kilsoo all on his own. After a very exciting fight, Ijin defeats Kilsoo. Doosik and Ijin successfully rescue Hyungseok. Kilsoo is expelled from the megacity for good and Doosik gets the control of the megacity. At last, the chapter 81 will show that Kilsoo Is again planning an offensive against Doosik and Ijin. Doosik will become aware of this thing in time and he will realize that the only way to stop Kilsoo for forever is to kill him. 

From the previous chapters, we know that Doosik is very much capable of killing Killsoo. The only thing then that will be there to see would be the way in which Doosik would kill Killsoo. Killsoo would not be that easy to kill though. From the final fight of chapter 81, we know that Killsoo is equally skillful.    

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