Meet your new Tech Support Desk.

During my time as a technology columnist for The Washington Post, I spent years investigating and advocating for readers like you to regain control of their data and devices. Greetings and welcome to the Help Desk, a brand new group of journalists from the Washington Post who are here today to offer confident advice on personal technology.

Our technology team is unique in that we are concerned with your personal and professional life rather than with what companies want you to buy. On the Help Desk, we respond to important questions about how technology affects your privacy, safety, relationships with other people, your family’s health or the environment — and even the state of democracy. We provide step-by-step instructions, in-depth analysis of your data, and completely unbiased evaluations. We hold Big Tech accountable in the most important places: the products that you use on a daily basis.

I’d like to be the first to introduce you to the rest of the Help Desk team, so please accept my greetings.

Heather is a veteran journalist who specialises in the intersection of humans and technology, as well as providing entertaining advice aboutour digital lives. One of the most useful tech articles in recent memory could be your guide to the terrible default privacy settings that you should change right away.


For information on what’s new, what’s a rip-off, and which products are best for you and your family in general, Chris is the person to consult when you’re out shopping. Check out what he recommends you do if you believe that you have been a victim of a data security breach.

Hunter and Tatum

Tatum delves into the inner workings of apps, websites, and other technologies in order to assist you in making the most of them. Don’t forget to check out our store on how iPhone apps spy on you even after you tell them not to.

Danielle discusses how technology is altering our way of working and how corporations are utilising artificial intelligence and other tools to exert greater control over their employees. See, for example, her recent foray into the virtual reality workplace of Facebook: Due to her actions, you will not experience nausea.

You, too, must play an important role. We want to hear about your technology problems directly from you, no matter how big or small they are. By informing us of a piece of technology that does not function properly for you or that you believe is worthy of a classic Washington Post investigation, you can assist us in expanding our journalism.


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