There are lots of unique career options that people choose which sooner or later give them a job title which one might never have heard of. Job titles basically describe the specialties, responsibilities and the profile that one has in their job. But not every time, you will get a so descriptive job title. 

There is a man named Matt Watts who has worked in a data management company for more than 15 years. He was given the title of Chief Technology Evangelist which he didn’t quite like and was a little uncomfortable to take the title. The reason Matt didn’t like the title is because evangelists are those people who are mainly known for their unwavering belief.

It will also be a little hard for people to know what the other person does with such a title. They won’t even be able to guess about the role.

But, Matt soon accepted that despite the meaning of the phrase, that is what they people really do. He said in a statement that the term Evangelist is the one that mostly describes his job. There are very few people in the industry who are able to do such work, he should rather focus on the job instead of the job title.


Before becoming a Technology Evangelist, Matt started his career with studying Aerospace Engineering. he said that he was a visual person and he really liked to understand how things work. When he started his first job with British Aerospace, he really got interested in understanding the system and soon, that became his profession.

Watts has worked at a number of positions with different roles in the IT sector. When Watts was asked about how he feels to work at such a role, it was observed that he was unclear what he really feels or think about the job. he might be a man who has got a good lead and will make success in the future or he might be a man with great skill set but his organisation doesn’t quite know about his strengths.

When he was asked about whether he will change the job, he said that initially he never knew what he really wanted to do, but after he reached where he is today, he thinks that this was what he wanted all the time and he is not planning to leave it in near future.

In the fast-growing tech Industry, having such a unique job which makes you so special, you should never think of moving to a different role.


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