Meera Rajput keeps her fans connected through social media and she keeps questioning them. She interacts with the audience on issues such as skin maintenance and a healthy diet and also guides her fans through social media.

What is her new topic of interaction?

While talking to her followers on Instagram, Meera Rajput told that she has watched The Crown four times and also asked her fans about her favorite episode. She also put a story on her Instagram profile on Thursday night telling how well she liked this season.

Meera Rajput asked her fans about her favorite episodes and surprisingly she’s known all dialogue. According to Meera Rajput and some of her fans, this is the best season of The Crown. 

Emma Corrin is featured as Princess Diana and Gillian Anderson as former English Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher within the fourth season of The Crown. 

Fans have enjoyed this season very well. They are all talking about Prince Charles and Camilla on Twitter and sharing their memes and also sharing some angry tweets for Royals and asking why he became so unfair to Diana. 

Meera Rajput also told that her favorite episode was The Dangling Man from season 3 and she also spoke some dialogues and now she is even more excited for the coming season.


This time the episode of The Crown is getting very popular. The audiences as well as many actors have liked it and they are discussing this with their friends on social media and Twitter. This has also given a chance to the fans to know the likes of their favorite actors. How did you like this season of The Crown? Share your review with us and tell us about your favorite movie. 

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