Marvel and the world have lost one of the most significant actors Chadwick Boseman this year who played ‘Black Panther’ in Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movies. 

It was a shock for everyone especially for the MCU as they had planned to make the third installment of Black Panther with Boseman. 

According to the contract between the two, he was all set to return as T’Challa.

‘Boseman one of the brightest stars in MCU’

According to the latest report issued by Marvel Studios, it was found that Boseman and the studio had a contract for ‘Black Panther 3’. It was agreed before Boseman’s death that the mighty hero will play T’Challa for the third installment of the character.

We all know that Black Panther 2 is all set to come in 2022 but again clouds are there on the second installment of the series. Boseman’s death shocked the MCU, especially those who had plans to make the third part for Black Panther. But who knew that we will see him last time in ‘Black Panther 2’.

He was battling Colon Cancer without letting others know. He fought for four years in a hope of recovery and no one saw even a small wrinkle on his head. He continued with his acting and entertained with his beautiful performance. His death was a sudden loss of a Marvel Story and a figure. Many are still dealing with the void Boseman has left in MCU. 

Marvel Studios has changed its plans for ‘Black Panther 2’. The story was about to come but the producers have shifted the premiering of the movie.

 But Marvel Studio president Kevin Feige has something very important to announce that Black Panther 2 won’t recast Boseman as T’Challa. It destroyed the expectations of those fans who are seeing the return of T’Challa to claim the Wakanda Throne again and this was the best set up for the future of mighty hero in the future of MCU.

Chadwick Boseman debuted in the role of T’Challa in ‘Captain America: Civil War’ came in 2014. His debut was impressive as he returned in his movie as the lead character ‘Black Panther’. As expected, his performance was exceptional not only in that movie but also in the next two movies which made him one of the brightest stars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Well, for us it wasn’t a surprise at all to hear about the Black Panther 3. You must be thinking why? 

Here is your answer. ‘Black Panther’ alone earned $1.3 billion and became the largest non-avenger earning movie in marvel’s history. 

The movie also won three Oscars. Well, even if we won’t get the third part of Black Panther, the future of Wakanda’s people is safe as Disney+ is thinking new for them.

Fans will surely miss Chadwick Boseman in the Marvel films. What are your opinions for Black Panther 3? Share with us. 


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