Have ever heard the name of Pete Buttigieg, the first gay candidate to go for the President’s post of United States of America?

If you haven’t then do not worry as Amazon Prime is soon going to release a movie on him.

Hang around for the complete info about the movie.


Titled as the Mayor Pete Movie, the movie is being directed by Jesse Moss and will be produced by Amanda McBaine.

Also, Amazon Studios will be the studio producer for the movie.

The filming for the movie got completed in October 2021.

Furthermore, the trailer for the movie is available for watching online.

You can watch the trailer by going to the following link,

With a run time of 1hour 36mintues, it will be a movie just to show the complete story of Pete.

The movie will release on Amazon Prime on 12th November 2021.


As it is a documentary, the movie will feature the real Pete Buttigieg along with his brother Chasten Buttigieg and his friend Mike Schmuhl.

The movie will tell the tale of his real campaign. One might guess that his campaign must have been challenging given his status as a gay person.

Furthermore, he presented his candidature for the 2020 United States presidential elections.

Even though he was unsuccessful, his confidence and boldness inspired a lot of people.

His efforts were so influential that to honor them, a movie has been made on him. 

Also, coming out as a gay person, that too at the prime of one’s career is difficult enough, and then running for the president’s post is pure work of sheer will powered by a fearless heart.

Do watch this movie to learn the fact that one should follow their dreams no matter what.

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