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Matthew Macfadyen, a fan favorite on the hit show, has revealed the “excruciating” aspects of his character Tom Wambsgans.

Toby Roy, Shiv Roy’s husband, lives on the Roy family’s periphery and spends the majority of his screen time terrorizing Cousin Greg, a long-legged fellow outsider played by Nicholas Braun.

After three seasons on the show, the English actor opened up to The Times about the moment he first became aware of his twisted yet vulnerable alter ego. Ego’s

The scene [in episode one] in which Greg is at a baseball game and he turns on him was the show’s hook

‘Oh, that’s fine,’ I reasoned. This is a good thing. He kicks the cat, and he is a terrible bully.”

Matthew Macfadyen on his "excruciating" character
Matthew Macfadyen on his “excruciating” character

“There’s always a part of you that thinks, ‘This is excruciating,’” Macfayden continued, alluding to Tom’s profanity. Nonetheless, it’s a joy to play. Additionally, it is extremely therapeutic in that even if you throw the worst dinner party ever, it is not real.”

Last month, Greg actor Braun, along with other cast members, discussed the parallels between himself and his character in The Succession

“I have the same facial features, the same voice, and most of the time, the same hairdo,” the author observes. So, Greg? He looks and sounds exactly like him.” It’s like saying it’s a piece of cake. 

‘Ah, I’m not sure I should let that part of me run wild completely because it might make people uncomfortable,’ the 33-year-old says of Greg. “But without a guard,” he continues, “a guard that I normally put on in life, where I’m like, “Ah, I’m not sure I should let that part of me run completely free because people might feel weirded out.”

“When I’m with Greg, I’m like, ‘You know how you usually put a gate around that part?’

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