The 4th movie of the Matrix movie series will get a delayed release in China. Why there is going to be a delay? Let’s look into it.

Matrix Resurrections


The Keanu Reeves starer movie will get released in the USA on 16th December 2021. After this, the movie will be available for streaming on the HBO Max service from 22nd December 2021.

This means, that the movie will not be able to go anywhere else during the time it remains exclusive on HBO Max.

Moreover, Warner Bros has agreed to have given a green light for a 14th January 2022 release in China. The reason being is that by then the movie would have done 2 weeks on the service.

This delayed release though will surely affect the movie’s revenue in China.


Social media these days is a very big leaker of content over the internet. People start posting crucial scenes of the movies whenever they go to the theaters. This in general ruins the experience for people in countries like China where the movie will come out late.

Still, the moviemakers are anticipating that the movie will earn a significant amount in China.

They’re saying so as people in China really love the Matrix franchisee and will surely turn up to watch the latest installment of the franchisee. The Chinese people are also big fans of Reeves and to ensure that the Chinese people remain excited Warner Bros has also made a special video for the Chinese people where the lead actors of the movie are asking them are they ready for the movie? The story of the latest movie is set 20 years after the last Matrix movie. The lead actors have lost their memory and it is almost like the first movie but only that now they are older.

It will be interesting to see how the movie will perform in USA and China.

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