Matrix Resurrections star Carrie-Anne Moss Rejects Allegations of Being on a Hollywood Blacklist: ‘I Had Children and Desired to Be With Them’

In the Matrix, there are deaths. Carrie Anne Moss, Actress, Rejects Hollywood’s Blacklist: “I had kids and I wanted to be with them,” she says.

People find it difficult to accept when Hollywood celebrities take time off to raise their children, despite the fact that it is not a new concept.

Some actors, including Ryan Reynolds and Tom Holland, have recently announced. They are taking a break from acting to raise their children or start a family. Carrie-Anne Moss, aka Trinity from The Matrix series, has had children. She has been also accused of being blacklisted when she took a break, and has survived.

Carrie Anne Moss Statements

“Someone sent me one thing, a video someone had made,” Moss said in an interview with GQ on Monday, chuckling slightly. “Who is Carrie Anne Moss?”

“What became of her?” What was the source of Hollywood’s disdain for her? Or something along those lines.

“Wow, that’s a good one,” I thought. “I had children and wanted to be there for them,” the woman explained. While filming the sequel to The Matrix Reloaded, she had two more children with husband Steven Roy: Jaden, 16, and Frances, 18. Moss chose a “cozy-cozy” lifestyle.

Metaphysical Life

A growing interest in her “metaphysical life” prompted her to enrol in Kundalini yoga classes and other holistic therapies available in Los Angeles. She was finally ready to leave motherhood behind when she was cast as Jeri Hogarth in the TV adaptation of Marvel’s “Jessica Jones” in 2016. “I felt like I couldn’t talk to any adults because I’d been living in this world with small children for so long,” she recalls.

Trinity’s reappearance has filled her with joy. We think of the Matrix as a system that governs the rest of humanity, but the Matrix of our own minds…whatever that is, I’m constantly trying to break through! ” In what other capacity do I exist? What else do I have to offer if I’m not married? If I’m not an actress, who am I? It’s difficult to imagine myself as anything other than her daughter. “If I am not Trinity, who am I?”

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