Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy reached the final agreement of divorce

Recently, Mary- Kate Olsen’s lawyer Nancy Chemtob, shared to the judge that all the divorce of Olsen’s with her husband Oliver Sarkozy has been resolved. Keep reading to find more about their divorce settlement.

Details about Mary-Kate Olsen and Oliver Sarkozy divorce case

After all the chaos, Mary-Kate Olsen and her estranged partner Pierre Olivier Sarkozy have reached the final agreement in their divorce case. The proceedings of the case were held on Wednesday in Manhattan.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the proceedings were done through a live video call. Sarkozy lawyer Michael Mosberg shared all the details about the case to judge Lori Sattler. After the judge heard the settlement, she pointed out that she had given them to work on a deal.

To that, Mosberg revealed that both the parties have an agreement and have reached the final agreement. Sarkozy’s lawyer also appreciated the time that Sattler gave them. Furthermore, he revealed that their deal was completed that day itself. Mosberg also said that they would get it to the judge by the end of next week following any formalities or any revisions. However, he did not share any details related to the deal in court.

The second party also came forward to share the news. When the judge asked Olsen’s lawyer, Nancy Chemtob, whether what Mosberg said was true or not, Chemtob replied affirmatively. She stated that all the issues related to Sarkozy and Olsen were resolved.

Sattler said that she would hold on to the case for a little longer until she sees the proof. She also remarked that she is going to control the case so that they get both Sarkozy and Olsen divorced. If it really gets done, and the settlement goes through, then it will end the proceedings of six months that started a high drama between both parties.

Olsen, who is a newly turned fashion designer was married to a French banker for around five years. The Full House actress has been trying to file a divorce since May 13 as an emergency petition. Since the coronavirus cases were at a peak, most of the courts were shut for ‘nonessential matters’ like these.

Final Words

Olsen’s lawyers had claimed that on May 19, Sarkozy was trying to make Olsen leave their New York City apartment amid a pandemic. Therefore, she was unable to officially file a divorce until May 25 because the officials considered her petition to be not essential. But finally, both parties have reached the final agreement. So the case will end by the next week.

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