‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’: Are Indian Marvel Fans Willing To Pay Rs 2200 For A Single Movie Ticket?

The release date for ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ is approaching quickly. The newest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) will make its Indian debut one day before its worldwide release on December 17.

The Tom Holland-Zendaya film is expected to shatter Indian box office records. It’s safe to assume that this film will be a huge success based on Marvel’s biggest film of the year. Despite Marvel films’ global popularity, India is reportedly one of the most important markets.

According to News 18, ‘Spider-Man’ fans in India are willing to pay up to Rs 2200 for a single ticket, and the film is generating a lot of buzzes. Ticket sales in advance began on Sunday evening, and several shows have already sold out. According to Taran Adarsh’s tweet, this is the most expensive No Way Home yet. Some tickets can cost up to $2000.

According to sources, Marvel fans in India are willing to pay Rs 2200 for a single ticket of 'Spider-Man: No Way home',
According to sources, Marvel fans in India are willing to pay Rs 2200 for a single ticket of ‘Spider-Man: No Way home’,

Marvel ‘No Way Home’ Made History By Selling Over 50,000 Tickets In PVR In Three Hours

The film is described as a “almost-Avengers” film in terms of scope and ambition. The villains from previous Spider-Man films appear in the film, which is about the universe. In India, it will be released in Tamil and Telugu, in addition to Hindi and English.

Marvel films have always piqued the interest of a sizable portion of the Indian audience. The ‘Spider-Man’ film series has been a huge success. After Spidey’s identity was revealed, the teaser piqued fans’ interest. Kerala and Tamil Nadu, two southern Indian states, are among the most enthusiastic about the MCU film.

Spider-man: No way home Is Now Out In Cinemas

‘Spider-Man: No Way Home,’ the sequel to ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home,’ is now available. Zendaya plays Michael Jackson, Jacob Batalon plays Peter Parker’s best friend Ned, and Benedict Cumberbatch plays Dr. Strange. The film’s director is Jon Watts.

Ticket prices in Mumbai’s theatres have also been raised by up to Rs. 1800. The 3D DBox Luxe section of PVR Icon Luxe costs Rs. 1750, while INOX: Insignia at Atria Mall in Worli costs Rs. 1870. Ticket prices for Spider-Man have topped Rs. 1000 in other Mumbai and Delhi theatres.

In the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home film, Benedict Cumberbatch will play Doctor Strange, Jacob Batalon will play Ned Leeds, and Marisa Tomei will play Aunt May. Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield, both former Spider-Man actors, are rumored to be joining Tom Holland in the film.

He’ll return to the helm for his third Spider-Man film, which will be released in theatres. On December 16, Spider-Man: No Way Home will be released in English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu.

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