Marvel: 20+ Characters Who Made Their Comic Debut In 2020

In 2020, not even a single Marvel film or series got released, but it did add dozens of new characters in various events like Empyre, King in Black, X of Swords, and many more to its comics universe. These characters are a Launchpad for the forthcoming projects in the MCU. Let’s take a look at these new identities below.

20. EMPYRE: New Kree & An Undead Mutant

The intergalactic Empyre introduced new characters like the Profiteer, Jo-Venn, and N’Kalla to the new part of the Marvel Universe. In the line-wide event, Carol Danvers discovered she had a half-sister Lauri-Ell. Some other new characters include Stormranger and mutant Explodey Boy.

19. X Of Swords: The Sword Bearers

The X of Swords event revealed a new mutant nation, Arakko which is a sister entity of Krakoa. The new characters are Pogg Ur-Pogg, Solem, Redroot the Forest, and Bei the Blood Moon.

18. Outlawed: C.R.A.D.L.E.

Young heroes like Kamala Khan, Miles Morales, and others gained the attention of the newly formed taskforce C.R.A.D.L.E. Dum Dum Dugan also introduced former young heroes in his task force such as Justice, Timeslip, Jake Oh, and Speedball.

17. Codex & Virus Armor

When Eddie Brock and his son Dylan get transported into an alternate future, they run into Codex in the world of venomized Avengers. The other character, Virus Armor, who is a creation of Mac Gargan, also got introduced.

16. Captain Marvel: Heroes From The Future

Following the events of Empyre, Carol Danvers gets transported into the future and realizes most of her allies are gone. Then, she meets the older version of her friends such as Spider-Woman, her son Gerry Drew, and other future heroes like Fantomex5; Namor’s son Ove; Sora, the daughter of Forge and Kwannon (formerly Psylocke); and Brigid Thorsdottir, Thor’s daughter.

15. X-Men: A New Breed Of Bad Guys

Outside of the X-Men event X of Swords, new characters were revealed, such as a new anti-Domino character, Tashi Repina, and D-Cel.

14. The Spider-Verse: The Sin Eater, Octavia Vermis, and Miles Morales Clone

Here new characters got introduced are Sin-Eater and Miles Morales Clone in The Clone Saga. In Spider-Woman, daughter of Otto Vermis, Octavia Vermis decides to take down her father’s killer.

13. The Immortal Hulk: Rebecca Green & Glowboy

In Immortal Hulk, Glowboy, a mutant, and Rebecca Green, who turns into a monster, got introduced in 2020.

12. Strange Academy: The Class Of 2020

Young sorcerers and mages who got introduced in the class of 2020, such as Emily Bright, Dessy, Doyle Dormammu, Calvin Morse, Zoe Laveau, and Shaylee Moonpeddle.

11. THOR: Black Winter & The Rokkva

God of Thunder has a new threat named The Black Winter, while in the Jane Foster Valkyrie series, the Rokkva got introduced.

10. Wolverine: Pale Girl & Louise

A new character named Meredith Milly, aka Pale Girl, and a vampire hunter Louise in the Wolverine series.

9. Ms. Marvel: Amulet

The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #13 introduced Amulet, who is the newest character along with Chinese hero Sword Master and Filipina superhero Wave in the Marvel Universe.

8. Ant-Man: Ve’trock, Phthira, Crematrix, Thread, & Macrothrax

Ant-Man Scott Lang and his daughter Cassie (Stinger) find themselves against The Swarm in the 2020 miniseries by Zeb Wells and Dylan Burnett. The Swarm is led by the former Nazi scientist Fritz von Meyer, and other insect villains have joined his organization, including Phthira, Ve’trock, Crematrix, Thread, and Macrothrax.

7. Shang-Chi: The Five Weapons Society

In Shang Chi, five new secret groups like House of the Deadly Hand, House of the Staff, House of the Dagger, House of the Hammer, House of the Sabre, got introduced.

6. Guardians Of The Galaxy: West Spiral Arm Guardians & Prince Of Power

When Gamora realizes Peter Quill is killed, she forms her team called West Spiral Arm Guardians which includes a new character Prince of Power.

5. The Old Made New: Spirit Of Corruption, and Man-Slaughter.

Former Ghost Rider Danny Ketch transformed into a new Spirit of Corruption, while in Weapon Plus: World War IV #1, biochemist Ted Sallis got transformed into Man-Slaughter.

4. Avengers: New Starbrand

In January of 2020, The Avengers go in search of the incarnation of Star Brand. Later on, they get into a battle with the cosmic entities of Silver Surfer, Firelord, Terrax, and the Tamer. 

3. The Legion Of Foom

The shrunken Fin Fang Foom was hiding in Avenger’s Headquarters, but he offered a truce with the heroes.

2. Marvel Voices: Goddess Spider

In the anthology Marvel’s Voices #1, it shows that the spider first bit Cindy Moon (Silk) first, and Peter Parker later. Later on, she becomes Spider Goddess.

1. Werewolf By Night

The Werewolf by Night character is one of the old horror titles, and it has made a comeback in a new miniseries.

Final Words

So these were the new heroes and villains of the comics which appeared in comics. The characters are diverse, and the list will go on. We shall be back soon with more news about Marvel Comics. Till then, stay tuned.


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