‘Mare of Easttown’ cast Kate and Julieanne are childhood friends

In the HBO Max series Mare from Easttown, Kate Winslet and Julianne Nicholson play best friends. They are also close in real life, so it was no surprise when Julianne praised her co-star in an interview with Variety. Julianne, on the other hand, admired Kate’s success as an actress as well as his warm personality in real life.

Kate and Julianne’s Mare of Easttown characters have known each other since they were children. And, as it turns out, Kate was the one who approached Julianne about taking on her own role. Julianne eventually appears to love Kate, and the feeling appears to be mutual, despite the fact that the women have not been known as long as their fictional colleagues.

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Kate Winslet praised by Julianne Nicholson

Julianne revealed to Variety in June 2021 that she had known Kate for years before being cast on Mare of Easttown. Kate’s work ethic was described as “out of control,” and she was praised for being a master of her craft and one of the top actresses in her industry. “She’s a Mare [easttown] managing producer, so she was always present and supportive,” Julianne explained. “She has natural talent, comfort, and is surrounded by quality movie stars.”

And the feeling is undeniably mutual. Kate discussed her personal relationship with Julianne with BriefTake in April 2021, explaining that they had known each other for a long time.

Kate has spoken of the close bond between women. “I held Julianne’s son, Iggy, under the age of 24 hours. “We had them as the depth of that connection we have, the kinds of key moments in a woman’s life that you can share with a friend.”

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Kate and Julie’s Friendship

Julianne revealed to that the serial follows the shocking finale of Mare of Easttown Season 1, which saw the audience drop a bombshell. She explained that she had known Kate “for several years,” but had been a fan of her “for much longer.”

She also realised she hadn’t seen Kate in person in at least ten years. So, despite the fact that the women cannot meet as frequently as they would like, this paints a picture of a very long friendship—in fact, about sixteen years, as Julianna stated—despite the fact that the women cannot meet as frequently as they would like.

However, this demonstrates how long Kate and Julianne were friends, or at least how long they knew each other. Their on-screen chemistry in Mare of Easttown demonstrates this as well.

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