According to new research by a security firm named Veracode, the applications related to the retail and hospitality sectors have been found to be having at least one flaw. there is not a single app which does not have a flaw.

The research analysed over 130000 applications to get the more clear and exact data and it found that around 76% of the apps in retail and hospitality sectors have at least one security flaw. It is not only the hospitality and retail industry which has flaws in their applications, there are other industries also like technology, health, financial services, each one has numerous flaws in their applications. when those were analysed, it was found that 26% of the applications had high security issues.

A lot of applications in different sectors are old and have more security flaws which make them easy targets for cyber attackers to breach into.


The research concluded that the retail and hospitality sectors stand on second number in the list out of all industries in terms of flaws.

Though the good news is that more than 50% of flaws which were found in the research were fixed in a few months, which is a very good ratio.

As per the chief research officer at Veracode, the retails and hospitality sector companies face a lot of pressure and as hackers tend to breach their security systems and at the same time, they also have to make such a software which not only protects the customer data but also comply with the regulations of the industry.

He also added that though there are flaws which came out in the research, the good thing is that the developers in the industry are so hardworking that they fixed half of the flaws in less than 4 months. There is a lot of improvement required in those sectors and sooner or later, the developers will make them happen.

The covid-19 pandemic has affected almost every sector in the economy and hospitality sector has been affected a lot as people are not allowed to go out. Still, we are hoping that soon things will get back to normal and all the sectors will perform at their peak.


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