Manny Jacinto promises conflict in a new drama from The Good Place

There will be plenty of turmoil in the upcoming drama Nine Perfect Strangers, according to The Good Place star Manny Jacinto. On the set of Liane Moriarty’s New York Times bestselling novel Nine Perfect Strangers, nine stressed-out city residents gather for a rejuvenating vacation at a boutique health and wellness resort that promises to transform them.

Their 10-day retreat is overseen by resort director Masha (Nicole Kidman, who also executive produced Big Little Lies). There are nine strangers who are in need of a boost, but they have no idea what is about to happen. As Yao in Nine Perfect Strangers, Jacinto plays Jason Mendoza from The Good Place, and he told Digital Spy exclusively that viewers would witness “something extraordinary” when the program premieres.

It would be nice if we could do something a bit more fascinating than the book. We hope we can give the audience something special,” he said. In order to write the novel, we spent a lot of time studying the characters’ backgrounds.

We spend a lot of time explaining where they’ve come from and how they got there. Only having eight episodes to work with made us focus on the storyline, character relationships with each other, and resolving the issue.

“As a result, we believe a lot of it was centered on this episode. That’s why we aimed to keep our audience on the edge of their seats and captivated by the tale we were presenting. It’s more about how these individuals connect with one other than where they’re from or what they look like.”

While the series will keep audiences on their toes, he added, they’ll also receive a dose of “weirdness.” Jonathan Levine’s work, he said, is “beautiful”. We are eager for people to witness what Jonathan was able to achieve with cinematography and direction.” Melvin Gregg of Snowfall, Samara Weaving of Bill & Ted Face The Music and Bobby Cannavale of Ant-Man also feature in Nine Perfect Strangers along with Regina Hall of Shaft.

It’s been confirmed by Weaving, who told Digital Spy that the drama series would finish “quite differently for a lot of different characters” than the novel, so there will be new surprises in store for readers of the book.

There will be a three-episode debut of Nine Perfect Strangers on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, August 20, followed by fresh episodes every week. In the United States, the series is available on Hulu.


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