Manifest is getting closer to a comeback, thanks to Netflix’s interest.

There are clearly fans who are in desperate need of good news, and it appears that Netflix can provide it.

The NBC drama, which followed passengers on a missing flight for five years, was cancelled this year after three seasons. Shortly after, a Netflix recovery was reported, but streaming services were hoped for in the fourth season.

However, things appear to have changed. According to sources, Warner Bros TV, the manufacturing studio for Manifest, is in late-stage negotiations with Netflix about a four-year order.

Is there a second (or third) chance for the passengers on Montego Air Flight 828? We just need to figure out what’s going on.

The Manifesto and Netflix were not in talks for the first time; the platform was confirmed to re-energize a few days after the show’s cancellation was reported.

Jeff Rake, the show’s creator, paid tribute to the show’s fans

 In a statement, he says, “Thank You, Our Fans.”

“At Comic-Con 2018, the Manifesters were assumed. You’ve been watching religiously since then, parsing each word, crying a lot, laughing a little, solving puzzles, and never waving in support. That is something I will never forget. It’s something I’ll never forget.”

There’s always the chance that Manifesto will find new life in a different format, as Rake recently speculated on a possible film or even book, where the store left the season three cliffhanger.

“I’d love to finish this story, but look, I’m going to take a while,” he said in June.

I’m hoping that someone will step forward and assist us in completing that story.”

“I’m going to think about it,” she says, “whether it’s more episodes, the ultimate Firefly film, or a lot of people asking me to write the book.” You know, this was a cool idea. “I’ll consider it.”

Following the cancellation of Season 4, a Manifest film, according to the creator, is possible. According to the show’s creator, a Manifesto film is in the works following the cancellation of Season 4.

The series had been left on a cliffhanger following its cancellation by NBC and subsequent failed reactivation by Netflix.

However, we hope that the audience receives all of the answers regarding Flug 828 and its 191 passengers, because Manifesto creator Jeff Rake has recently revealed that he is considering several options to best wrap up the store, including the release of a “film” or a “book.”


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