Management schools are focusing on new-age technology with dedicated centers and specialised courses

The data and information eco-system is undergoing rapid transformation. Business schools are conquering the technological field of the twenty-first century in order to keep students on track.

In recent months, MIM Ahmedabad has established a Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Center (CDSAI). in addition to a greater emphasis on artificial intelligence and data science

Many businesses now recognise the importance of managers collaborating closely with technology centres in order to provide a competitive advantage and business value. The curriculum has changed as data science and artificial intelligence have become more integrated into it in recent years. “The business school curriculum strives to equip managers with the correct balance of competences to satisfy the growing demand from individuals in new positions,” says Ankur Sinha, Co-Chair of the CDSAI.

According to Sinha, new century technologies like data science and artificial intelligence are having a greater impact on communities, economies, and businesses around the world, including the United States and the United Kingdom. These new technologies must be thoroughly understood in order to be used to their full potential.

Firms have relied on data for decades to make decisions and generate business value. Businesses are undergoing a natural transformation as the digital universe evolves and computing power grows.

According to Banerjee, Dean of BITSoM’s Business School, the management programme was originally designed in 1970 with a focus on manufacturing. Technology has become an essential component of our profession as we transition away from manufacturing and into the digital age, from cab bookings to online purchasing. Senior leaders are not always tech savvy. As a result, new managers must stay up to date on the latest technologies.

Managers, on the other hand, need to understand 21st-century technologies, according to Banerjee. To that end, BitSom is constructing a creative thinking lab and an analytical data centre in collaboration with US colleges.

Management Courses

Management institutes, for example, offer specialised courses in artificial intelligence, data science, and business intelligence, among other things, as well as specialised centres that specialise in cutting-edge technology.

Students at IIM Bangalore can pursue a two-year MBA in Business Intelligence degree. “Data analytics and artificial intelligence / machine learning are no longer sources of competitive advantage for enterprises,” says the program’s chair, R. Srinivasan. This means that future managers will be useless unless they have a solid understanding of these topics. They must be understood not only as instruments in and of themselves, but also as tools for promoting business development. He believes that MBA programmes should incorporate them into the curriculum.

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