Making Mathematics Interesting for Students: Tips for Teachers.

Many students suffer from the anxiety of maths subjects and hence don’t find it interesting to study and practice. Math anxieties and difficulties in understanding its concepts make this one of the most dreaded and tough subjects for the learners. But we should never forget the importance of mathematics in our lives. From doing the small daily errands of buying groceries to clearing the competitive exams and running businesses, it is used everywhere. Let us discuss the techniques which maths educators can adopt and practice in their teaching patterns to make mathematics interesting and fun for the students.

4 Best Techniques for Making Maths Interesting for Students

” Without mathematics, there’s nothing you can do. Everything around you is mathematics. Everything around you is numbers.” – Shakuntala Devi.

1. Encourage technology in your maths classes

 All the technological elements are highly enjoyed by the students, so why not use the technological aids in education and teaching them maths. With the growing technology and advancements more and more teaching aids are now available to the teachers. All educators must effectively use these tools to make the toughest of the subjects easier and more fun learning for the students. Some of these technical aids which can be used for a maths class are

  • Presentations: sometimes only vocal explanations and information written in textbooks are not enough to make students understand and enjoy mathematics. Making attractive, easy, and simple presentations on the topics is very helpful. For example, if a maths teacher wants to teach a topic of Pythagoras theorem, he or she can make a presentation on it which can include the slides about who invented this theorem, interesting images related to it, its relation with the real world, simple and easy to learn the definition, etc. Teachers can make it as creative as possible.
  • Include picture cards, visual graphs, etc: teachers to make students more involved and engaged in maths classes, can use picture cards and graphs images to make the chapters interesting. Reading textbooks and solving its exercises are monotonous practices. Also, the mathematical graphs drawn in these books are not easy to understand. Our mind understands and retains information better with the help of visuals. So don’t forget to include these in your teaching process. Online classroom app promotes all these aids.

2. Promote model making activities

These types of activities encourage students to be more interested and involved in maths classes. Students of all ages enjoy making models for representing their knowledge via this process. The best way to engage students in maths is by organizing model-making activities for them. Teachers can use this activity in several ways. The first one is using it as an assignment. Students often get bored by writing lengthy assignments. Creating a model as an assignment can be a fun solution for them. In this way, students will score well and their academic performance will also be increased. Secondly, teachers can also give model-making activities for holiday homework for the students. This way they will be able to utilize their time effectively and at the same time will enjoy learning maths as well. Some model ideas that teachers can assign to the students are

  • Making geometrical shapes using real objects.
  • Making a model on three-dimensional shapes.
  • Show different types of triangles and quadrilaterals etc.

3. Interactive test techniques

Teachers can use innovative and interactive techniques to assess the maths understanding of the students and to encourage them for more effective studies. Giving exams in the written format is not enjoyed by students. Also written exams are very lengthy and time-consuming, so why not use maths puzzles and quizzes for tests and exams. Quizzes, riddles, and puzzles improve the logical and critical thinking ability of the students. Gamification is also a great option to make maths interesting for the students. Games are enjoyed by students of all ages. Games along with maths puzzles can be used for conducting exams in more interesting ways for the students.

4. Encourage questioning to one another

Mathematics is sometimes difficult for students to understand and solve. They have doubts and confusions related to the topics. Encouraging effective questioning techniques in your classes. For example, teachers should develop an environment where students can ask their doubts freely without any fear of being judged. If students will get their queries solved, they will be more interested in learning. Also, teachers should ask questions in between to keep students actively involved. Both traditional teaching and learning via classroom app should focus more and more on making maths the favorite subject of all the students because maths is used in several ways for learning other subjects as well.


All the above-mentioned techniques will help teachers to make mathematics interesting and easy to understand for the students. It is one of the most important subjects as it is highly used in our day-to-day lives and it is included in competitive exams. All the businesses whether big or small are working with mathematics knowledge. Therefore, all the students must realize its importance and try to be involved in this subject as much as possible. Relate it with your real-life situations and it will get interesting to learn easily.


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