Despite the emphasis people put on studies at a college or university, everyone knows about frequent financial issues students face, hence the need for income. Even if there are no problems with money, as graduation day approaches, students consider getting a job to gain some experience. 

It is actually a good practice for those who do not want to lose time and opportunities on the job market. However, it is quite hard to balance even a part-time job and studies. Due to overload, some students start using the professional thesis writing help from WritePaper in their sophomore year even when they do not have a job. What would they do if they had one?

Well, they could switch to a remote job so that their studies stay their top priority. That way, an online job could be handled easier, too. And what are the options for those who need to work remotely? Let’s look at them!

Making a Living Online


If you would like to reach out to your audience and have a lot to share, blogging is probably your first choice. It can come in numerous formats:

  • sharing posts in your own blog (built with help of WordPress, for instance);
  • Instagram/TikTok/Facebook/Twitter posting;
  • YouTube blogging;
  • LinkedIn blogging, etc.

The way of monetizing your blog depends on the platform and content you’re going to produce. In addition, you can always sell your own merchandise if you work out the design options! Just keep in mind that when it comes to social media use, simply posting pictures won’t help you a lot. You will need to work off the hashtagging system as well as study the audience you are going to target and what it craves. 

Of course, today, people may consume content without much thinking. Yet, there are still small niches of high-quality content. If you choose one of them, in the end, you may even come up with a business idea. However, you will need to produce valuable content not to fall prey to “fast-fashion” humor and topics. That way, you will stay afloat for much longer.

Client Management

This position is typical when it comes to online courses. It is like 24/7 support but not 24/7. If you are willing to help people overcome hurdles on their way to their new careers or through advanced training, look for job posts with this position mentioned. 

As soon as you explore the details of the curriculum and get the hang of it, the received questions will be very easy for you to answer. So, you may even be able to stay online for your clients for the whole day and help them while sitting in on a boring lecture.


Just like client management, social media management is something you can work on via your phone. The gained experience will be especially helpful in case you are pursuing a marketing degree or a degree where knowledge about marketing is a great bonus.

Making a Living Online: What Can You Do as a Student?


Online tutoring has become much more popular after the pandemic. It used to be rather hard to persuade someone that online lessons would be enough to master a subject. Yet, today, people know that studying online can be efficient, leave alone the fact that you do not spend a lot of time commuting.

Web Design

Creating mockups does not require working a typical office day. All you need is several calls arranged in your free time and keeping to the deadlines agreed upon with the customer.

Although it is a rather competitive area, the number of websites and applications has been also increasing recently. In addition, if you work as a freelancer, you may benefit even more than working for a company. Freelance websites are the places where clients go when they need the product finished just about yesterday and do not have time for formalities. Prices are higher, too, respectively.

Web Development

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered tremendous demand for web development specialists. So, the IT industry is more open to remote cooperation than other areas. Mind that working on a backend or as a full-stack developer without recommendations and/or much experience online is barely possible due to security reasons. Still, the path to frontend development is open for everyone who can:

  • write a more or less clean and, obviously, functioning code;
  • manage their time;
  • communicate with the team adequately;
  • appear on daily standups.

The last criterion can seem hard to meet. However, if you think about it, choosing an online job in another time zone may win you the precious time needed for lectures and workshops in the morning. If you work out a deal that allows you to work specific hours, you will be able to easily combine studies and work.


Google translator has significantly improved in recent years. However, machine translation is not that good when it comes to something more serious than a couple of mundane phrases. Translation of texts in purely technical areas like the automotive industry or IT still can’t be handled by a machine. 

For instance, when translating instructions to large appliances it is of utmost importance to be an expert in all the specifics and recent updates. However fast a machine can learn, its translation of API documentation is barely readable and can’t help developers, for instance. 

So, translators can handle at least these specific areas. If you stick to deadlines and provide interim reports on the translation process, it will be easy to secure such a position in a translation agency online or create your own client base for freelancing.


In case you are passionate about creative, academic, or publicist writing, copywriting may be an option for you. The number of requirements and skills for this position may sound like too much, yet, they are worth the income:

  • plagiarism-free texts (especially important if it is academic writing);
  • proper referencing in samples of research papers;
  • basic knowledge of SEO (for guest posting);
  • at least C1 level of English or any other language used in writing;
  • ability to research and create engaging content.

Editing & Proofreading

The internet is riddled with content mentioned above, and it is being produced on a daily basis. Unfortunately, however, good copywriters are, editing is a separate niche. To edit and proofread a text decently, one requires to distance themselves from the text, which is hard to do if you have spent so much effort on your paper or article. Therefore, some texts may end up containing awkward structures, inappropriate colloquialisms, poor formatting, and so on. 

An experienced editor needs to be scrupulous enough to polish the document before the deadline. So, this job is easy to handle remotely.

Summing Up

These are nine jobs you can apply for if you need to work remotely to manage your studies. Besides being profitable (especially on a freelance basis), these jobs can help you hone the skills you have already acquired and obtain new ones. This is one of the best opportunities to use your knowledge in practice and become prepared for a full-time job that awaits you after graduation.


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