Major Apple Services Including Imessage, Icloud Back Online Performing Well After Widespread Outage

The mainstream services offered by Apple were down recently. At the time when the services were down, there was major chaos among Apple product users. Well, now the services are back online. The question is though, which Apple services were affected and why were they affected? The answers to these two questions are ahead.

The Apple services affected

The Apple services that were affected were Apple Music, Apple Maps, iCloud, iMessage and the entire Apple App store. Even Apple’s developer website was down. This major outage occurred on 21st March 2022. The outage lasted till 4:09 PM ET when it was reported that the Apple services and apps were coming back online slowly. You will be surprised to know that even Apple’s internal networks were down. This thing caused a lot of trouble for the retail business of Apple. How so? Let’s see.

Retail stores also affected

As we have already mentioned, the outage brought down the internal network of Apple as well. This meant that the Apple retail stores could not access customers, products or any kind of detail. The stores were brought to a complete halt. Without the network, no Apple store was able to provide even customer care or schedule deliveries of products nor could they schedule any technician visit for product repairing and maintenance. Things could only go back to normal by 4:09 PM ET. What caused the problem? Find out that next.

The reason of outage

The cause of the outage was server-related or that is what most people think. Apple just acknowledged the fact that almost all the services offered by them were down due to a reason unknown to date. It looks like they may be still investigating the matter. We can then expect to hear from them about the reason for the outage in a couple of days’ time. Moving on, take a look at what people had to say about the outage.

People’s reaction to the outage

Apple users across the USA were completely distressed by the outage. People took to Twitter to make their anger known. Most of the people were annoyed that with nothing working, they could do very little on their Apple products like the iPhones, iMacs, and iPads. With each passing minute, new outrageous reasons behind the outage were surfacing all over Twitter. The most common opinion was that Russia had done something. Some people were even panicking thinking that maybe Russia had attacked the USA. People were also joking about how they were pushed into the Stone Age because of the outage. A lot of people were tweeting about taking out old board games to pass the time. Well, every Apple user was very glad and relaxed when the services came back online in the evening.

Thus, for now, all the major Apple services are back online. There is no clue whatsoever about the reason for the outage. The best thing is that there are no indications of another outage happening.    

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