Made in Chelsea’s Zara McDermott unveils tattoo tribute to Sam Thompson after they split up over her cheating scandal

Reality TV star Sam Thompson and Zara McDermott went through a whole relationship wreckage after it was revealed that McDermott cheated on Sam Thompson during the filming of Celebrity X Factor. She told about this in the E4 show and received a severe backlash for her behaviour.

Following the scandal, Sam Thompson posted a photo of them together on instagram and captioned it, “I love you, and when I’m with you I feel like I’m on a nimbus 2000… that’s all I need to know.” You can find the post here-

He had to turn off the comments as he did not want fans to discuss why he took her back and paint him as a naive gullible person.

Zara on the other hand seems to be doing all she can to let everyone know how  much she cares about Sam Thompson. She made a montage of all the times they were happy together and shared it on her page.

You can find the video here-

She also posted about a tattoo she got to symbolise how much he means to her.

The tattoo was on her ankle and consisted of a moon and a star. The post was captioned ““I got this little tat a while back. I got it for Sam.

“I love you more than the moons and the stars.”

This made fans swoon and at the same time, many others were skeptical as well. They were worried that Sam Thompson was being manipulated. Whatever it is, the pair should be happy at the end of the day and that is what is the most important.

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