When we are young, all of us are driven by a youthful lust. The lust for sex. Now the mist common assumption is that as we grow older, this lust starts to fade away, or does it? Well, a new Swedish TV series might just change your perspective towards the old idea. Why are we saying this? Well, read on and as you will get to know the series better, you will start to see why we are in so much awe of the series. We start at the fundamentals of the show.


Lust – People Behind The Series

The Swedish series is called as ‘Lust’. The series has been directed by Ella Lemhagen based on a screenplay written by Frans Wiklund. Miso Film Sverige have produced the series. The series was originally released at the Berlin International Film Festival on 14th February 2022. Just three days later, on 17th February 2022, the official YouTube channel of HBO Max released the trailer for the series. You can watch the trailer by going to the following link .

The series will release on the HBO Max streaming service on 18th March 2022. A total of 8 episodes have been made for the series. Now you know when is the series coming out but do you know the main Swedish stars appearing in it? No right. We thought so. Allow us to introduce you to them.

Who Are In Lust?

The series is going to have four main actresses. The first one among them is Sofia Helin. She got the most acclaim for her role in the series ‘The Bridge’. The second actress is Anja Lundqvist. She got the most acclaim for her role in the TV series ‘Heder’. The third actress in line is Julia Dufvenius. She got the most acclaim for her role in the movie ‘The Anderssons in Greece’. Last but not the least is Elin Klinga. She got the most acclaim for her role in the movie ‘The Image Makers’. Having made the acquaintance of these four beautiful ladies, let’s see what kind if roles are they playing in the series and what is the series about.

Roadmap Of Lust

‘Lust’ is going to be a series about four women who are in their 40s. The story for the series is that as part of her job as a public health researcher, Anette (played by Sofia) decides to conduct a study. The study is about how the sex life of Swedish women who are in their 40s is? Are they energetic like young women or does their age cause problems. The series, through its out of the way topic provides a very insightful insight in the sex lives of women in their 40s.

The series aims to show that talking about sex is not a taboo at any age. Just because you are now over 40, does not mean your sex life is over or having sex after 40 is a taboo. Will the series be successful in achieving its aim? We will find out soon.



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