It has been 21 years since the movie Charlie’s Angels first came out. Lucy Liu was part of that movie as one of the angles alongside Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore. Liu has opened up about a spat that she had with movie co-star Bill Murray on the sets of the movie, way back in 2000.

 What was the spat about, let us find out. 


While speaking on the ‘Asian Enough’ podcast recently, Liu revealed that one day Murray came to the sets of the movie quite late. She said that at the time it was known that Murray had got late because of a family function. When he got to the sets eventually, he started abusing Liu out the blue. 

At first Liu could not understand what she had done wrong to upset Murray. She even asked him if the abuses were meant for her. Murray just continued his onslaught and then it became clear to Liu that Murray was coming at her. 

She says she did not listen quietly and stood up for herself. She says that at the time, it felt just wrong that someone could come and say anything to her just because they were annoyed or had come from somewhere.

 She made her point clear and even today says that whatever she did to protect herself was right. The other people at the set also had supported her at the time. 


Liu says that the relationship with Murray now was alright. She added that she had recently met him at a ‘SNL Reunion’ and Murray was quite nice to her. Liu further said that the recent meeting did not make her feel anything because, what had happened years ago had gone. At the time, she did the right thing. Now that all was good, she had no reason to be angry. 

Liu is an inspiration for all of us. We should stand up for ourselves because that is the right thing to do. 


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