Have you guys been bored watching the plain drama, and action, and thriller? 

Maybe because there are not many choices out there for what should be on your stream list for a week or are you the one who binges the whole season in one night? 

Well, there’s a series that sprinkles loads of pinches of supernatural flavor to those genres mentioned formerly in it. 

And hence take a moment to meet and greet Locke and Key. Some of you may have watched the first season too and… for you (bring your ear closer to the screen, whispers: there’s some great news for you down there, keep going), but for the spectators who haven’t given it a watch.

Season 2 Awaits Release!

Locke and Key is a supernatural, horror, thriller, drama American series which first streamed on the popular platform Netflix before the pandemic on the 7th of February 2020. 

This fantasy series is an adaptation of the comic-series ‘Locke and Key’ whose creators are Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez. Its first season is composed of 10 episodes. ‘Locke and Key’ have gathered ample fans and was even nominated for the people choice awards.

An interesting and glad to know thing is that this show is renewed for its third season installment, yet the season second is to be released. And this is confirmed by sheer Netflix on the 18th of December 2020 on Twitter.

Here’s how Netflix announced,

We can see how the cast alphabetically represents ‘Season Three’ and apart from this their expressions of glee to return for the shooting of the 3rd season.

The Screenwriter, Carlton Cruse, of this series who has also written for the super action series ‘Jack Ryan’ says in an interview that they have some unbelievable adventures for the Locke and Key family in season three. 


With the production of the second season which had started on the 21st of September 2020, the second season seems to round off before the New Year. And the third season would start filming in early 2021. 

The main cast of the show will come up again in the forthcoming seasons and some new members also might be added to the cast. Joe and Rodriguez also made a cameo in the last episodes of the first season and it would be astonishing to know what the second season holds for the viewers. 

So, lets wait and watch!


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