Are you a fan of the Lucifer series? Then we have a Thanksgiving treat for you guys. Recently, Netflix stunned Lucifer fans with a very brief look at the Lucifer series 5B. Want to know what is there in the second half of the supernatural a crime series? Then keep reading this article find out more.

Netflix drops a few second clip of Lucifer series 5B

The first look of the clip featured Devil’s detective partner and lover Chloe Decker (Lauren German). Want to know what is more? Then, keep scrolling! Netflix took to its Twitter account during the time of Thanksgiving. The fantasy drama’s account shared a fancam compilation of the best moments of Detective Decker.

After watching the clip, some of the fans are more than amazed. They are looking forward to seeing more clips of the upcoming season. The Twitter post had a beautiful caption which showed how they were thankful to the Detective and how they stan for her.

The clip was 50 seconds long, and it contained footage from the previous season of the Lucifer series. Later on, the short clip ended with the first look of season 5 part 2. So that part will pick up the story after Amenadiel (DB Woodside) and Lucifer’s (Tom Ellis) get into a fight with Maze (Lesley-Anne Brandt) as well as Michael (Ellis), who is the twin brother of Lucifer. Later on, their fight gets stopped by The Almighty (Dennis Haysbert). You can watch the first look of the Lucifer series season 5 part two below.

In the above video, you can see glass broken from the window when Lucifer was sent to fall to the fall. Later on, a confused Chloe is heard questioning that have they seen Lucifer. Lucifer season 5’s first half got premiered in August 2020. Then, the production of the second part got halted. With that, Ellis confirmed that around 60% of part two’s finale will be filmed after the covid pandemic ends. 

In September 2020, the cast and crew resumed their shooting, and it seems like they have completed the production process. Even Joe Henderson, the co-showrunner, confirmed that the production of Lucifer season six began in October 2020. We know that you are excited to know what happens in the upcoming episodes. 

If you want to revise the series before the launch of the new episodes, then you can stream the first three seasons on Amazon Prime Video. Then, you can catch up on the fourth and fifth seasons on Netflix. 

Final Words

Unfortunately, Netflix has not disclosed much about season five part two. But there are some rumors that there will be a musical episode. We can expect Dan, Detective Decker, and Lucifer performs on Queen’s Another One Bites The Dust.

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