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Lucifer is a Malayalam-language action film directed by Prithviraj Sukumaran and written by Murali Gopy that was released in India in 2019. The film is directed by Prithviraj Sukumaran and stars Mohanlal, Vivek Oberoi, Manju Warrier, Tovino Thomas, Indrajith Sukumaran, Saniya Iyappan, Sai Kumar, Kalabhavan Shajohn, Prithviraj Sukumaran, and Nyla Usha. It is produced by Antony Perumbavoor through the production house Aashirvad Cinemas. The film’s music was composed by Deepak Dev, and the cinematography was done by Sujith Vasudev.

Murali pitched a story to Prithviraj on the sets of Tiyaan in Ramoji Film City in 2016, and it was then that he decided to make Lucifer his directorial debut. The film’s title was inspired by an unfinished project by director Rajesh Pillai, which was also written by Murali and featured a different plot. Lucifer started pre-production in 2017, and Murali finished the final draft of the screenplay in February 2018. Filming took place in Thiruvananthapuram, Idukki, Ernakulam, and Kollam districts, as well as Mumbai, Bangalore, Lakshadweep, and Russia, beginning in mid-July that year and lasting until January 2019.

On March 28, 2019, Lucifer was released in theatres all over the world. It was also dubbed in Tamil and Telugu and released. At the box office, the film did well. It became the fastest Malayalam film to hit all three milestones, crossing the 50 crores (US$7.0 million) mark in four days, the 100 crores (US$14 million) mark in eight days, and the 150 crores (US$21 million) mark in 21 days. It is also the first Malayalam film to gross more than 50 crores (US$7.0 million) at the box office in other countries. Lucifer is currently the highest-grossing Malayalam film of all time, with a worldwide gross of 175 crores (US$25 million). Lucifer is the first in a trilogy that will be preceded by L2: Empuraan and an untitled sequel, both of which are currently in production.


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An officer at Interpol’s Lyon office is looking into news about a Khureshi-Ab’ram—an unnamed transcontinental trader. On his machine, he receives a message from the CIA, saying that they believe a diamond-gold nexus is operating in tandem with African warlords and adding a rear picture of an individual taken in Istanbul on April 7, 2006. Interpol’s safe phone line is dialed, and the officer says: “Put a stop to it. It’s Abram on the other end of the string. Ab’ram Khureshi “.

P. K. Ramdas (PKR), Kerala’s chief minister, died in the meantime. PKR, the chief of the ruling Indian Union Front (IUF), died at the Medayil Institute of Medical Science and Research, which also happens to be the hospital where the daughter of RPI[M] leader Medayil Rajan is being treated. Acting Chief Minister Mahesha Varma took advantage of the situation, claiming it would help her in the upcoming election, and sent party activists to form a riot outside the hospital, accusing Rajan of murder.

Govardhan, a self-described truth-seeker, records a Facebook live stream in which he condemns those who praise PKR, alleging that he was a pawn in the hands of a financial syndicate that dominates India’s political system during his final years. He says that the IUF party has twice as much money as the state treasury and that the individual who succeeds PKR is crucial. Priyadarshini “Priya” Ramdas, Bimal “Bobby” Nair, Jathin Ramdas, Varma, and Stephen Nedumpally are five potential candidates, according to him.

PKR’s daughter and son are Priya and Jathin. Priya’s first husband, Jayadevan, died in a questionable car accident in Dubai seven years ago, leaving her with a college-bound daughter, Jhanvi. A year later, she married NRI Bobby. Bobby has a reputation for real estate and Hawala fraud. Jathin lives in the United States; however, other than that, his whereabouts are unknown. With his seniority, Varma is the most likely successor, and he is well-known for his lobbying skills. Stephen is a PKR upstart who hasn’t been heard of in the last six years. Govardhan calls him Lucifer and describes him as the “most dangerous” of the group. Except for contract work for post-war reconstruction in Iraq and Afghanistan and gold smuggling from Dubai to Kerala—data obtained from Govardhan’s dark web research—little is known about his history. Govardhan wonders why PKR endorsed such an individual by associating with him in all venues and even vacating his winning Nedumpally assembly seat for him last year.

Bobby meets an acquaintance, Abdul, in Mumbai. Bobby informs him that PKR gave him a month ago an ultimatum to stop his drug trafficking. With the demise of PKR, Bobby intends to finance the IUF party with drug money, deposing current financier Manappattil Chandy with a three-fold bid. Bobby agrees with drug lord Fyodor, who offers to move a monthly amount of 250 crores in exchange for unregulated drug contraband into Kerala if the IUF wins the election. However, before the deal can be finalized, Bobby must first establish a drug manufacturing facility. It should be in the government-sealed timber factory in the Nedumpally range, Abdul insists.

At the same time, PKR’s cremation is taking place in Kerala. Priya requests that Varma exclude Stephen from the ceremony. Commissioner Mayilvahanam, acting on Varma’s orders, tries but fails to obstruct his route. Jathin, who is supposed to be conducting PKR rituals, is nowhere to be found—he was last heard to be on a camping trip. Bobby returns home that night and, unbeknownst to Priya, gives Jhanvi some Malana cream. He calls a meeting of IUF ministers, telling them of his decision to finance the party and abolish the current ministry to pre-empt the election and capitalize on the current sympathy surge, and he nominates Jathin as the party’s next chief minister candidate.

Varma tells Bobby to first reconcile with Stephen because Chandy is Stephen’s ally, but Stephen objects to financing the group with drug money and threatens Bobby. Bobby is angered and assigns Sanjeev, the head of the IUF-funded news network NPTV, to initiate a defamation campaign against Stephen, much to the dismay of his coworker and girlfriend Arundathi. A reporter is dispatched to Govardhan to gather evidence in support of his claims. Govardhan denies getting any but says Chandy is backed by the Khureshi-Ab’ram gang, a global force in the gold-diamond trade. He gives Bobby a file titled “Govardhan’s X-Files,” which includes evidence against him. Bobby receives this from Sanjeev. Govardhan is apprehended by IUF activist Murugan and taken to a mental hospital.

Bobby dispatches men to the lumber mill. Stephen kills six of them and defeats the others after discovering the truth. Stephen’s aide Aloshy notices Stephen’s double-crossing and reports the incident to Bobby. Mayilvaahanam, who was dispatched to search the premises for evidence, finds nothing. Bobby learns from Priya’s diary that she resents Stephen because her father cared more about him as an infant when he was brought to their home and caused a divide between her parents. Stephen is the owner of Ashrayam, a homeless shelter. Aparna, one of the prisoners, is convinced by Aloshy to slander Stephen. She accuses Stephen of raping her and engaging in other criminal acts on NPTV. Stephen is arrested and jailed as a result of this public uproar. Stephen receives a phone call from Zayed Masood, a mercenary and Stephen’s confidant, while in jail.

Jathin arrives and gives a speech that impresses the audience. Fyodor’s containers are sabotaged by Zayed and his cohorts, who demand the release of Stephen, thus moving funds to Bobby. Bobby accepts, but Varma meets Rajan in prison to arrange a hit on Stephen by his party’s goons, but the plan fails. Varma has no choice but to release him. Meanwhile, Jhanvi is in the hospital after taking too much LSD. In return for not filing a case against Jhanvi, Mayilvaahanam blackmails Priya for sex. Priya hears about Bobby’s lustful actions toward her from Jhanvi. Priya hears about Bobby’s lustful actions toward her from Jhanvi. When questioned, Bobby admits it and threatens Priya with revealing Jhanvi’s connections with drug peddlers, threatening to cast them both out like PKR and Jayadevan. Meanwhile, Aparna admits to lying about Stephen on NPTV.

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Priya has no choice but to seek the assistance of Stephen, who promises to protect them. Mayilvaahanam is killed by Stephen’s men. He meets with Sanjeev to pay off NPTV’s debts and take control of the station. To reveal Bobby’s illicit trades, Jathin and Priya hold a press conference. Jathin declares his loyalty to Stephen to Bobby. Fyodor’s men apprehend Bobby in Mumbai. Zayed and his gang kill them before Fyodor can kill him, rescuing Bobby for Stephen to kill. Murugan kills Aloshy after revealing himself to be Stephen’s spy. Govardhan has been released and reunited with his family, including his wife and daughter. Jathin is sworn in as the new chief minister of the state. Stephen encounters Zayed and his gang in a remote location in Russia and attends a phone call from a gold-diamond merchant named Sanghani, to whom he introduces himself as Khureshi-Ab’ram. Various international newspapers’ headlines are seen in the closing credits, reporting Ab’ram as the leader of an unidentified crime syndicate.

So for now, you must have got to know about how Lucifer’s movie is and must have made up for your mind to watch soon. If you are onto it, then here we will guide you on how you can watch or even download the Tamil dubbed version of the Lucifer movie for free.

How To Watch Lucifer Dubbed To Tamil Movie For Free Online

If you aren’t aware there are plenty of online video platforms which has plenty of movies, TV shows, and web series and can be accessed to watch directly online without waiting for downloading however, if you are in favor to watch Lucifer in Tamil online without downloading then, do checkout our list showing few of the popular and trusted online video platforms where you can watch your favorites anytime and anywhere.

The list includes both paid and unpaid online video platforms, for paid you may need to purchase a subscription upfront, however, few of the providers like Amazon Prime Video do provide 30 days free trial as well.

1. MX Player

2. Disney+Hotstar

3. Netflix

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7. Voot

8. AltBalaji

9. Jio Cinema

10. YouTube Premium

11. Big Flix 

12. Eros Now

13. Viu

14. Hoichoi

How To Download Lucifer Dubbed To Tamil Movie For Free 

Method 1 – Download Lucifer Dubbed to Tamil via Tamilrockers

The Tamilrockers is the Piratebay of India, which has a name equal to the Tamilrockers of the United States. Tamilrockers operate with immunity, taking into account the conduct and even judicial intervention of law enforcement officials. Almost any ISP has been barred from accessing the system under different domain names and other individuals but they continue to run on proxy servers.

As the name suggests, Tamilrockers mainly focuses on Tamil-based movies, series, and TV shows so for sure you will Lucifer movie in Tamil on the platform as well.

Method 2 – Download Lucifer Dubbed to Tamil via Other Platforms 

If Tamilrockers doesn’t work out for you, then you can checkout a few other websites where you can get access to watch the movie, here we will list out a few of the keywords which you can use while searching on Google. You can just copy and paste the keyword to get better results.

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