Love Never Lies Season 2: News, Release Date, Cast, Spoilers & Updates

If you are a fan of love never lies and want to learn everything there is to know about the Season 2 release then this article is for you. 

 Six couples, many of whom have had trust problems over the years, are positioned in a gorgeous villa in Love Never Lies. 

Yeah sure, there seem to be compulsions, such as other people in a relationship’ participants. 

However, as Naranjo describes, the show’s central theme is the reality of the situation and false stories.

Applicants must make a reserve of 40,000 euros to be considered. At every test, subjects were asked questions regarding one ‘s relationship and are forced to submit to a special type of psychological test named Eye Detect, which is said to be 90% credible.


That the very first season started well with the final result of seven episodes on November 18, 2021. There are still no reinstatement disclosures for Season 2 of Love Never Lies on Netflix yet though.

 People presume, even so, that the sequence will be returned.

 Apart from Distribution Transformer Sexual pleasure, all of Netflix’s reality television shows have been restored for the period being.

Love Never Lies has a distinctive supposition that is immensely entertaining, and the show was a great achievement. 

If the show is renewed, Netflix could perhaps release Love Never Lies Season 2 in mid-2022!


Mónica Naranjo, a well-known musician, might well host the show. Naranjo has amassed a large following in recent years. Because of her successful singing career. 

Whenever the producers first announced that the singer would be taking on the role of a speaker for the show, it came out of the blue. Mónica is well-known for her Spanish songs such as Hot Line and Desatame.


Since earlier noted, Love Never Lies is not a dating show or a quiz show. The storyline, on the other hand, is distinctive as it is a hybrid of a game show and a live show.

 Six couples (a total of twelve) will take an interest in a show in which they’re forced to endure an eye-scanning lie detector. Presently got to the part that will take your breath away. 

So every duo must be truthful to each other. Nobody is permitted to keep a secret because it costs a lot of money. 

This same harsh reality, on either hand, will lead to significant financial rewards. The prize money for the champions is fixed at 100,000 euros. The pecuniary prize again for reigning champion is enormous. Isn’t it that exact? 

Together, in summary, the whole show will put the six participating couples’ sincerity and romance to the exam.

So, are you excited about the brand-new season of love never lies? What do you think? Tell us in our comment section. And, bookmark us for more updates on love never lies. 

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