Love Island’s Malin Andersson reveals about her pregnancy two years after hurtful losses

In the wake of a succession of heartbreaking losses, former Love Island star Malin Andersson has revealed that she is pregnant with a “rainbow baby”. The reality star turned to Instagram to announce her pregnancy, posting a touching statement and a photo of her growing baby belly as well.

The couple announced their engagement in June, and Malin is now expecting a child. With the help of Jared, Malin described her ‘next chapter’ in a black-and-white photo. ‘My next chapter. My new beginning. My happy ending. My entire universe. All mine. I can’t describe to you all how I feel writing this,’ she began the post.

It was all I had hoped for and envisioned. A stable companion in my life, who has been at my side as a friend and lover for the past four years. We’re currently bringing a lovely soul into the world. In the past I would have never dreamed that I would be able to experience this. Unfortunately, I made a grave mistake. That moment has passed. As a result of all my suffering, I now have my own family.’

Malin Andersson, a former Love Island star, has revealed that she is expecting a “rainbow baby”. Her pregnancy announcement was made on Instagram, where she posted a heartfelt note and a picture of her expanding baby tummy. Malin is currently expecting a kid. Using a black-and-white photograph, Malin explained her “next chapter.” Malin was hospitalised with a fractured hand and bruises all over her body when Kemp assaulted her last year.

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