Love Is Blind Season 2: Release Date, Cast, and More News!

When Netflix dropped the first season of Love is Blind, viewers loved it. Later on, the series became the talk of the town. Now, fans are craving for season 2. So will Love is Blind return with a new season? Here, we are going to discuss another season of the series, and will also talk about its release date, cast, and much more. So continue scrolling.

If you have heard about Love is Blind for the first time, then you can check out its trailer below.

‘Love Is Blind’ Season 2 Release Date: When will fans get to see their favorite romantic show?

Love is Blind season 1 dropped on the streaming service on February 13, 2020, and it released five episodes. Later on, Netflix released the other five episodes on February 20 in the same year itself. But the grand finale of this romantic reality show got released almost after a week. 

And now, the fans are desperately waiting for the second part of the show to arrive on the streaming service. Unfortunately, Netflix has not confirmed any news regarding the renewal of the second season. So until then, we have no clue when the next season will come up. But if the filming of the series begins this year, then we can expect Love is Blind season 2 to arrive by the end of 2021.

As of now, the exact launch date of Love is Blind is not announced, so we will have to wait for the official confirmation from the show creators.

‘Love Is Blind’ cast: Will there be a new cast?

As we all know that Love is Blind is a dating show. So every dating show follows a pattern and introduces a new cast in different seasons, so we think the new season will not be the same as the first one. Chris Coelen, who is the show creator, picks the participants, who are interested in relationships and dating on a reality show. 

As of now, the production team has not confirmed or shared the names of the new contestants or candidates of Love is Blind season 2. Moreover, the series does not choose such participants who are thirsty for attention. We will let you know if Love is Blind creators or Netflix announced the new cast of season 2.

Final Words

The upcoming season of Love is Blind will be shot in other countries. The plot of the series will remain the same. As usual, dating will be the main thing about this series. Furthermore, the reality show might have more than fifteen seasons in line, so you don’t have to worry about the show’s future. 

We will share more details about this series, so till then, keep checking our website regularly.


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