Our entertainers too don’t leave any stone upturned to get in touch with their fans by regularly uploading their snaps and photos on their social media handle.

Here is the list of snaps which you all can enjoy and have glimpse of what is happening in their life.

In this snap, recently married Rachel Lindsay was having Zumba classes during lockdown. It was all virtual. She was wearing black posing like showing her biceps and smiling her heart out. She was simply looking adorable.

In this snap, Niecy Nash was posing with peace symbol and was taking mirror selfie. She was wearing skin tight pink and blue jumpsuit in which she was looking beautiful.

In the recent Instagram post, Tyra Banks showed up her resolution of including more calf exercises in 2021. And even said that this will last up to one week only.

In the snap, Jonah Hill poses with his little dog which he rescued from Love Leo Rescue. They both were simply looking adorable.

In it, Bob Odenkirk goes for a bike ride in LA. He was all in black and was wearing mask and following the COVID-19 norms.

In this, Karamo Brown on his ATV poses in front of hill and captioned it as “small outdoor adventures”.

In this snap, Gigi Hadid was seen posing with her mother Yolanda, while all dressed up in designer stuff. This photo was of New York.

In the snap, Meg Ryan comes back after having a light workout in Los Angeles.

In this snap, Signourney Weaver after having a quality time on beach, wears the dress.

In this snap, Kate Beckinsale kept the style-game on along with following the COVID-19 norms. She was seen wearing tiger-print face mask.

In the snap, Lily Collins and Charlie McDowell who are soon to get married, seen enjoying coffee during the long-drive in Santa Barbara.

In the short clip, Lilly Collins was seen flaunting her new wedding ring-

In the snap, “SATC” star Sarah Jessica Parker was seen having BTS shot donning grey jacket with black high boot.

To get more such posts, remain refreshed.


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