Line of Duty reference on the Love Island show has made the fans upset

Love Island went to us all tonight with Jed Mercurio with a task called Line of Booty.

“What about the hell?” you may wonder. Well, this coarse element struck the girls in police clothes as they took a slide, danced in front of all, and then chosen the lad to “interrogate.”

All were hidden in their shorts with a phallic device recognised by the female with only their hands. The job was introduced by Narrator Iain Stirling, who said: “Challenge time now and this person is inspired by Line of Duty, which some spectators think ended unhappily, contrary to our entirely unpleasant rendition.”

Source: Digital Spy

Though Stirling’s statement has not been very successful with Duty enthusiasts from the dividing series six finals. Although he is tongue-in-cheek.

One tweet stated, “LOVE ISLAND ACKNOWLEDGE THE DUTY OF BYE BAD LINE. An more fan shared: “Duty line topic?? [I] tried to forget about this.”

A 3rd added: “This duties-oriented game is a trigger for me and a reminder of the dead finale.”

Hopefully, ITV has gotten its lesson. Love Island continues on ITV2 and may be accessed via the ITV Hub. Follow the show for more such ongoing daily dramas on the show.

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