Light the Night Season 4 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled At Netflix?

After three successful seasons, the Taiwanese show Light the Night is creating a lot of buzz among people. People have started to talk about the fourth season. So, is a fourth season on the blocks? Let’s see if it is. 

Light the Night Season 4

Now season 3 of the show started to come out on Netflix on 18th March 2022. The reviews for the three seasons are very positive. One of the stars of the show is very optimistic that a season 4 will happen once the creators come up with a good storyline. So, it is safe to assume that the series director Lien Yi-chi and the screenplay writers Tu Cheng-che, Hong Li-yen, and Lin Shao-chien are currently working on season 4.

The fourth season then should be produced by Bossdom Digiinovation and Gift Pictures. Judging from the 8 episodes per season partner, season 4 should also have 8 episodes. The news on a season 4 trailer is none existent right now. And, which is normal given the fact that season 3 is yet to finish.
Netflix is believed to announce season 4 officially this year only. Also, we should expect to watch season 4 in the second quarter of 2023 on Netflix. The next thing to talk about is the cast. 

Light the Night Season 4 cast

We are assuming that the main cast from season 3 will come back for season 4. Thus, we should be seeing Ruby Lin as Rose, Yo Yang as Pan Wen-cheng, Rhydian Vaughan as Chiang Han, Derek Chang as He Yu-en, and Esther Liu as Li Shu-hua. The 48 other cast members should also be returning for season 4. Let’s now take a look at the plot of season 4. 

Light the Night Season 4 plot

As season 3 is still ongoing, it is difficult to say what might happen in season 4. There are reports from within the crew and cast of the series that season 4 will not kill another character to keep the story going. It is being said that the writers are working a fresh and new type of story for season 4.

Maybe for a fresh start, season 4 will not include a murder at all. It could include perhaps a kidnapping, a robbery, or something else. Whatever it may be, the show creators are saying that season 4 is going to be the best season so far. 

Will it be though? The idea of not including murder could a game-winner and at the same time, the change could ruin the show. It will be like gambling for the show creators. Also, they could stick with murder and somehow connect it to one of the main characters.

Whatever they do, the question of season 4’s success can only be settled by the fans when they watch season 4 in 2023 because after all the fans only make or break a season of a show. 

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