Bendable gaming monitor by LG could be seen debuting at the upcoming CES 2021. The new gaming monitor will come with an ability to change its mode. That’s to change the screen from flat to curved with one single touch button.

The upgrading tech is now getting popular with foldable phones design. The same development we have seen in the of TVs, where new foldable and rollable TVs getting a great positive response. This because of there portable design which makes them easy to trucked away when needed.

So it’s isn’t surprising to see gaming monitors come up with a curved design, because more or less the same tech is required in this case also. This will eventually provide a practical way that can reduce the count of screens.

As per the company, the upcoming Bendable CSO (Cinematic Sound OLED) display will feature with a 48in 4K mode. The gaming monitor will have two modes the flat mode for watching TV or streaming your favourite movies, and a curved mode for the amazing gaming experience.

However, this curved screen monitor would be the company’s first foray in shapechanging screens. LG’s first rollable TV us currently on sale, but not on all platform. It’s only available in the commercial market at South Korea.

The company lineup with CES 2020 debut will give them a fine edge. What’s make this curved monitor different is the Cinematic Sound feature. This feature is designed to turn the whole panel into a speaker.

The Bendable Design

As per some officials, LG’s debuting bendable monitor will only be a demo model and not the final design unless appreciated by buyers. Although, with this amazing feature the mainstream price will surely touch a hefty mark.

In South Korea, the LG rollable OLED is launched at ₩100,000,000. And in the US at $87,000 that converts to around AU$123,000/  £67,000.

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