Alex Trebek, host of “Jeopardy! “, died on November 8, 2020, from stage IV pancreatic cancer. Throughout his 37-season stint, which began in 1984, he became the face of the programme, sticking with it until the end. A terrifying prospect, but the show must go on.

Many others have gone up to try and fill Trebek’s shoes after his untimely passing. Even “Jeopardy! ” executive producer Mike Richards stepped up, with LeVar Burton being the most current to do so. After a social media campaign and a petition, “Jeopardy!” fans will finally get their wish on July 26, 2021.

“You can count on me to do my hardest to live up to your expectations. DIFFERENCES ARE MADE BY US! This time, you can take my word for it.” Twitter was abuzz with Burton’s tweets, which sparked a wave of enthusiasm that quickly spread to the rest of the world’s social media.

Twitter was flooded with messages of support for “Jeopardy!” and LeVar Burton from fans.

As soon as @Garrestotle determined that they were comfortable with the results, they acted quickly “Tweeted: “Found the @levarburton question on I’ve only known him for a minute, but I’m already smitten.” Next, @gambit 1 wrote a touching essay, lamenting his father’s death “Geordi La Forge was the only Star Fleet officer I could relate to. Kunta Kinte was the person who helped me grasp history. He’s on Jeopardy! RIGHT NOW.”

“Jeopardy!” viewers were thrilled to see Burton, but others hoped for more than a one-time appearance from the actor. “@levarburton nailed it on @Jeopardy and should be the next host; there’s no doubt, in my opinion. @BrokenFiction and @STEMhasSoul both commented, “Just watched Jeopardy with #LeVarBurton.” Our next permanent host has been found, according to my sources. Are you of the same opinion?” @MermaidSailor tweeted when the episode ended, “It’s been a blast!” “Thanks for a terrific first episode of Jeopardy, @levarburton. I’m pulling for you to obtain the job.”

Burton’s “Jeopardy!” debut was not well received by everyone. It’s possible that @xminustDC didn’t see the same Jeopardy episode as some of the folks on Twitter who raved about it, for example. “One of the dullest episodes of #Jeopardy I’ve ever seen,” wrote @lovedMay14. But, apart from a few Twitter users, the conclusion was obvious: the people want more LeVar Burton on “Jeopardy!” as soon as they can get it.


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