On December 29, Tuesday the Chinese tech supplier Lens Technology was impeached of using forced Uighur labor in its factories. 

Lens Technology is a well-known company and a long-time supplier of Apple. Moreover, the company also supplies tech for car manufacturing company Tesla and Amazon.  

As per documents received from Tech Transparency Project (TTP), reveals all hidden facts regarding this. The report says how Uighur workers were sent to Lens Technology from Xinjiang region, China. 

TTP’s report confirmed that Lens Technology was sent thousands of workers mostly Muslims from the Xinjiang region of China. 

Moreover, Human rights groups point to Uighur worker from Xinjiang to sent forcefully to work in different parts of China as intimidated labour.

Things got critical after the Chinese government didn’t allow human rights groups to visit and verify. Means the group doesn’t get any permit to interview labourers or observe there working conditions. 

Katie Paul TTP director said in an interview that their research shows Apple uses forced labour from China in its supply chain. And this is something that went far beyond what the company admitted earlier. 

Ok this Josh Rosenstock Apple spokesman said the company verified Lens Technology has not received any Uighur workers transfer or forced labour from Xinjiang. He also added that Apple is making sure that its suppliers didn’t receive any Uighur labour from the Xinjiang region. 

Rosenstock commented with a positive note that “Apple has zero tolerance for forced labour.” 

If we trust Apple spokesman then there’s nothing left to clarify, but the question arises why the Chinese government not allowing Human Right group. What do you think, whom to trust? De let us know in comments below.


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