The CES 2021 event has just begun and we can see a bunch of cool stuff released by companies. Lenovo, which is one of the top laptops and PC manufacturers in the world, has announced a new smart glass with augmented reality. Though the smart glasses have been built specifically for the enterprise and work purpose.

The company revealed its ‘Think Reality A3 Glasses’ in the event through the internet where the glasses were connected with PCs and Motorola Smartphones.

The glasses will run on the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 and will be able to show 5 displays at a time with 1080 pixels of resolution. there will be a recording option with the glasses for which there is an 8-megapixel camera in the front of the glasses.

The glasses are claimed to be lighter in weight and will have a fit like sunglasses, though it won’t look like you are wearing sunglasses.


The Lenovo smart glasses will be able to connect with the applications available on the internet for mobile and PC such as virtual desktop and AR-Assisted workplace.

As per Lenovo, the Think Reality A3 Smart Glasses is a next generation solution for the enterprises with a light power and cool design which will win hearts. wherever you are working, the glasses will help you to enhance your abilities in order to finish the task quickly and give you time to do more work. The glasses are specifically made to optimise the performance of the people in the complex and challenging work environment.

The glasses will be used by workers to help them to reduce the mistakes and improve their efficiency and productivity. they will also ensure the safety of the workers.

However there has been no indication about the price of the glasses from the company but we are expecting it to launch by mid-2021.

The glasses look really promising and might be a game changer in the market. It completely depends on whether the companies will accept it or not. 

How did you like Lenovo’s ‘Think Reality A3 Glasses’?


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