Legendary Designer Thierry Mugler Of Kim Kardashian, Cardi B And Beyoncé, Dies At 73”

Hello Readers! Today we are back with one sad news about the legendary designer Manfred Thierry Mugler who suddenly died at the age of 73.

The French fashion designer who creates costumes for super popular stars like Kim Kardashian, Cardi B and Beyoncé also tackled racism and ageism in his life.

So, read out folks to know more about Mugler’s death!

Legendary designer
Legendary designer

How did he die?

Mugler, who was born on 21 December 1948 was a gay and he’s very proud of himself. He didn’t have any medical issues or long term illness but yes, his life was full of surgeries as he always try to become more and more attractive.

The artist passed away on Sunday, 22nd January in his hometown France Vincennes from natural causes. Everyone will get this news from the blank photo posted on his Instagram account by his manager Jean-Baptiste Rougeot.

All of you must check out the post of the epic artist if you didn’t check it yet, https://www.instagram.com/p/CZFwYc7II1C/?utm_medium=share_sheet

Now, let’s talk about the sympathetic tributes paid by various celebrities!

After the news got viral, the beautiful American singer of 77 years named Diana Ross, posted a photo of her and Mugler on Twitter captioned “I will miss you Thierry Mugler” . In the tweeted photo both Ross and Mugler were very young and attractive.

Check out the young and smiling tweet here; 

In 2009, Mugler designed dresses for Beyoncé and after his death, she posted a smiling photo of him on her official website captioned RIP.

At the 2019 Met Gala, when Mugler designed an adorable gown for Kim Kardashian, she felt so proud and honored. After the Met Gala, in 2021 he again amazed the Kardashian by preparing a mind blowing Halloween costume consisting of a silver bra with metallic shorts and star motif.

After hearing the sad news, she also pays tribute to the intelligent artist by posting some fabulous pics of him and his beautiful designs on Instagram. Check it out;


Grammy Award winner rapper Cardi B also paid tribute to the one whose first perfume invention in 1992, shakes the whole perfume world.

At last we just want to say that growing up is a natural process and death is an ultimatum of life, but, there are few personalities like Thierry Mugler, who never dies and their memories always stay with us.

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