If you have written as many stories as Stephen King, it is difficult to choose one that is more prominent than the other. It could be argued, however, that “Pet Sematary” is the work most influenced by popular culture. It was not only a successful book, but it also became a popular horror film in the 1980s. From “South Park” to “Family Guy,” the story has been parodied in the years since it was published, so that every pet cemetery is synonymous with dead beings.

Pam Grier visits the Pet Sematary.

“Pet Sematary” was recently rebooted in 2019 and significantly changed the main floor while keeping the essence of horror alive and well. Since Paramount began work on a new store, the restoration appears to be going well. This is an intriguing route to take. The original 1989 film was immediately followed, but a story appeared before the events of the famous story. It has the potential to break new ground, and while the 2019 film is unlikely to appear, the new version has been well-assembled.

Pam Grier is a prominent figure in the film industry. She rose to prominence in the 1970s with a string of action and blax films. For her roles in films such as “Coffy,” “Foxy Brown,” and “Sheba, Baby,” Quentin Tarantino dubbed her the “first female action star” (via Wizard World). After those successes, she went through a dry spell, appearing only sporadically in TV series and lesser-known films for more than a decade. Tarantino propelled her to the top of the “Jackie Brown” series, reviving her professional career.

Grier remained active in the twenty-first century, with roles such as “Poms” and “Bless This Mess.” In the “pet seminary” prequel, she is now on her way to a terror-filled territory with an unknown role. Nothing is known about what will happen in the film. According to Variety, it is “the inspiration for Stephen King’s novel about a family who discovers a disturbing tomb in the forest behind their home.” The prequel will premiere exclusively on Paramount+, and production will begin in August 2021. 

Grier is not his first foray into the horror genre. In 1973, she appeared in “Scream Blacula Scream,” as well as “Bones,” “Ghosts of Mars,” and “Twilight People.” She’ll see what happens if you bury an animal where it shouldn’t be buried.


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