Lana Wachowski’s speech at Matrix Resurrections Premiere filled the heart of the audience. In an interview with a Hollywood reporter, Lana said that the


The director of the 4th matrix movie, Lana Wachowski was over the moon at the premiere of the movie in San Francisco.

Why did she plan the premiere in San Francisco and what did she say? All that right ahead.

Lana Wachowsk Speech

The premiere of the Matrix Resurrections took place at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco. The theatre is famous for having 1400 seats.

In an interview with a Hollywood reporter Lana said that the theatre held a special place in her heart.

She shared that 27 years ago, at the Frameline film festival she absolutely loved the atmosphere. The experience of watching a movie along with a thousand other people was an experience that one cannot get in a normal theatre.

Now that she has made her own movie it only felt fit to return to the theatre she loves. All the stars of the movie attended the premiere.

Before the movie started a few bikes and a special Ducati bike went up and down the main road in front of the theatre to electrify the event.

Furthermore, The premiere night was a cold night in San Francisco. The cold though did not stop the fans from turning up in numbers to watch their favorites. Here are a few quick facts about the new movie. 

Facts About The Movie

The fourth movie of the matrix franchise comes out after almost 2 decades of the release of the third movie. The latest installation is expected to perform just like the previous movies. Keanu Reeves reprises his role of Neo. Reeves was also happy to come back into the matrix universe. The new movie is set in the present time with Neo having lost all his memory from the past.

The matrix resurrections will bring back a lot of nostalgia for every one of us.

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