Tik Tok’s popularity is not just limited to influencers but has become a famous tool to say updated on celebrities’ trends.

Having said that, recently, Kylie’s swimsuit is being badly trolled on TikTok by fans due to its see-through quality.

And if you are kylie’s fan and often admire her, you could be the one disappointed fan as Kylie Jenner swimsuits are receiving a lot of negativities for their paper-like thin quality.

Let’s see what people have to say about the kylie swims!

Kylie Swims Reaction Details 

Kylie Jenner released its new swim line that is kylie swim on September 17, 2021. Many swimsuits from the kylie swim sold out in almost 30 mins.

Fans had thought that the kylie swims will also be great as her other brands like kylie cosmetics and kylie skin. But it turns out to be the opposite for the people.

People are now criticizing Kylie Jenner for her new swimsuit’s quality. Many people have said that the quality is not so good.

The fabric is see-through and you can see everything from outside.

One girl on the Tik Tok also said that the swimsuit will be fall out from her if she wears that because the material is too heavy to tie up.

According to followers, the kylie swims is only for the Instagram world like you can a pretty amazing photo but you can’t wear on the beaches and definitely, you can’t swim in that swimwear. You can’t even sit in these swimsuits.

Till now, kylie has doesn’t respond to this criticism yet. And yet, fans are eagerly waiting for her response.

We hope kylie will come up with something really constructive justification for fans who truly admire her a lot. And with that hope, all we can do is wait and watch for now.

What are your views on this entire incident? Do you believe it is a part of fashion and trend?

Thoughts could be many but certainly, kylie can share her thoughts in a better way. So, until we don’t really get any new updates, stay connected with us for more trendy information about your favorite celebrities.


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