Kylie Jenner Is the Highest Celebrity Earner of 2020 and the Only Woman in the Top 10

Kylie Jenner never fails to impress her fans!

Here, she has added one more achievement in her list. In Forbes 2020, she has been awarded as highest earning celebrity with having $590 million.

Income sources of Kylie Jenner:

As per reports, the record-breaking earnings of 23-year-old makeup mogul came from selling 51% of her cosmetic line to famous brand Coty this year. 

Kylie is the only women who is in the list of top 10 celebrity earners. 

Other names in the list:

Travis Scott, Kylie’s better half, is at no.82 in the list having net worth of $39.5 million.

Kenye West, Kylie’s brother-in-law, who has made his earnings from Yeezy sneaker deal with Adidas, is at the second in the list having net worth of $170 million.

Kim Kardashian West, wife of Kenye West and sister of Kylie, is at 48th number with having $49.5 million.

Three athletes grabbed three consecutive positions.

  • Tennis player, Roger Federer was at 3rd number having $106.3 million. 
  • Soccer star, Cristiano Ronaldo was at 4th number having $105 million. 
  • Another soccer player, Lionel Messi was at 5th number with $104 million.

Tyler Perry at 6th having $97 million, followed by Neymar with $95.5 million.

Howard Stern at 8th with $90 million and LeBron James next with net worth of $88.2 million. 

Dwayne Johnson was at 10th with $87.5 million. This makes make-up sensation, Kylie Jenner the only woman in the top 10 of Forbes’ list.

Other famous names in the list are:

  • Ariana Grande at no. 17 with net worth of $72 million.
  • Ed Sheeran at no. 23 with earnings of $64 million.
  • Taylor Swift at no. 25 with income $63.5 million.
  • Rihanna at no. 60 with $46 million.

Some more about Kylie Jenner:

Recently in January 2020, Kylie has announced that she has trademarked Kylie Con, Kylie Kon, and Kylie Museum. In the February month, another product line was launched as Valentine’s day Collection on the name of Stormi, Kylie’s 2-year-old daughter. 

Kylie made the cameo appearance in music video of Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber “Stuck with U”. in May 2020.After that, in June 2020, “Kylie Cosmetics x Kendall Jenner” was launched by Kylie for Kylie Cosmetics. 

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