American Actor and filmmaker Kristen Stewart will be seen busy in upcoming months. On the fizzy Christmas, she will appear in ‘Happiest Season’. Her role can make her fans feel warm this Christmas.

This not yet, besides her funny role, she has to appear in the more serious role of Late Princess Diana in her upcoming biopic. She shared her preparation for the role.

‘I feel sort of the same way about her’ says Stewart

Kristen Stewart shares her feelings about the Princess saying that it is a great pleasure for her to play her role. Kristen shared her words while talking to Jimmy Kimmel Live. She praised the personality of Princess Diana saying that portraying a beloved and remarkable character has taught her to stand to attention in the best way.

Significantly, she will be seen playing Princess Diana in her new biopic named Spencer which will probably be directed by Pablo Larrain. The central idea of the movie will revolve around the three crucial days in the life of Late Princess Diana who was the former princess of Whales.

Writer Peaky Blinders is very keen to introduce those three crucial days to the public. It is said that the three days were Diana’s time with the royal family during her last Christmas. It was when she decided that the relation between her and Prince Charles was not working.

Seems Stewart has some own memories with the Princess as she said that she feels sort of the same way about her. According to her, everything happened so fast and she wasn’t able to go through her. She added that she was so young when the Princess passed away but she was grown with a little glance of her in the mind.

She remembered all the flowers that were kept outside the Buckingham Palace in whales. For Kristen, she is a late icon for whom it is hard not to feel protective. She added more contexts about her in a proud tone that at such a young age, she came out here and the rest is the history. 

Kristen believes that every person has different perceptions which I agree with. We can’t do everything in the right manner because we all have these things related to some personal experience. I know it is so deep to understand. 

Saying about her role, Kristen said that it ‘really poetic and internal imagining’. We can just imagine what kind of life was of the Princess, by doing her role, she just can feel the way she lived. In the end, she went emotional about her and said that we all just love her. Adding that every time she read about her, she went emotional.


Some people die, but they are remembered in the memories. Princess Diana of Whales was of one such kind. Well, let’s see what were those three days in this beautiful portrayal. 

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