It has been more than two decades since Dan Harmon has been destroying the television business. After launching “Community” in 2009, the writer/producer has never failed to create a popular program. Harmon is now working on a new project. Rick and Morty, which Harmon co-created with “Adventure Time” veteran Justin Roiland, became one of the most successful cartoon franchises of the decade shortly after “Community” aired. With a new animated sitcom aimed at the traditional academic, Harmon hopes to make it three for three in the TV world.

Harm’s abilities are put to good use in “Krapopolis,” an animated series that will premiere exclusively on Fox. “Krapopolis” is set in ancient Greece, where myths and monsters abound. It follows the escapades of a family of bizarre animals, gods, and mortals who are all interbred. There have been a number of casting announcements, but the program hasn’t revealed anything about its narrative or premiere date yet. The following is an overview of everything we know about “Krapopolis” thus far.

Release Date

According to a Fox announcement in February, “Krapopolis” was officially approved for production. In 2022, according to Deadline, the program will launch. Neither Fox nor Harmoon nor the animation studio Bento Box Entertainment have provided a definite release date for “Krapopolis.”

Early on, Fox stated that “Krapopolis” will be the world’s very first “blockchain-based” animated series. On the surface, “Krapopolis” is an attempt by Fox to enter the realm of cryptocurrencies and non-fiat tokens for the show’s marketing and promotional materials (via The Hollywood Reporter).

If “Krapopolis” has anything to do with this news, it’s improbable that a shift to an NFT-focused marketing approach would have a significant impact on the show’s premiere date. Even said, the new generation of technology being used in the series’ PR may radically alter the way fans experience that release.

Casting Members

If you want to create a mythological dysfunctional family then you need a fantastical cast. “Ted Lasso” star Hannah Waddingham is one of the most well-known voice actors in the world, thanks to her portrayal as Rebecca Welton. Her role in “Krapopolis” will be as the goddess of self-destruction Deliria, the mother of most of her co-stars (via Variety). There are a number of other historical figures who appear.

Welton will be joined by Richard Ayoade as Tyrranis, the monarch of Earth’s earliest civilization, who will be played by Ayoade in the program. Tyrannis’ extended family includes his father Shlub (Matt Berry), Tyrannis’ half-brother Hippocampus (Duncan Trussell), and Stupendous (Pam Murphy), Tyrannis’ half-sister Deliria. Joined together, this loosely linked group is set for many exciting experiences.


Rapopolis has a deeper meaning than establishing a family: it’s about constructing a society. There’s no doubt about it, though, that a city named Krapopolis, a pun on Plato’s Kallipolis, will be ruled by insane, dysfunctional fools. It appears that despite their reservations this motley bunch wants the best for themselves and their growing metropolis. However, whether or whether they are able to attain the greatest is a very different matter altogether.

The procedure is extremely difficult for them because they all have faults in their personalities. In a way, it’s apparent that Deliria is the goddess of self-destructive behavior. As a result, her mannerisms are commensurate with her rank. When it comes to his own moniker of “lazy, ineffective artist,” Shlub lives up to it. He adds little to the cause. A mermaid hybrid, Shlub’s offspring Hippocampus, isn’t much better.

Stupendous and Tyrannis, who seem to be the only two individuals who have a sense of direction, are the only two people who seem to have a sense of direction. It seems that even they have their own flaws, which will be revealed when these vile Greeks get rolling in Fox’s upcoming animated series.


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