Know the real story behind Sheridan Smith and Jamie Horn’s sudden divorce

Sheridan Smith and fiancée Jamie Horn divorced after three years and welcomed their son Billy. “We decided to spend a few days apart with great sadness,” the couple said in an official statement last week. We’re both dead set on reuniting with our lovely son Billy.”

They met on Tinder and married one month later. Their relationships were out of the ordinary. According to a source close to the actress, who recently celebrated her 40th birthday, their romance was full of highs and lows.

“We’re told they’ve tried hard to keep things civil, but those in the know say they’ve got a lot going on behind closed doors.” “Sheridan never really felt the same way about Jamie’s family. Everyone believes that if they do not participate in each other’s lives, they will be better off. Their romance was a roller-coaster ride, and it wasn’t fun for those around them.”

Sheridan says Jamie’s mother was one of the reason

Sheridan blamed Jamie’s mother for one of her dogs’ deaths in her relationship with former insurance broker Jamie. She took to Twitter to praise her future mother-in-law’s nice work,” saying, “It’s all this woman can do.” Your son despises me just as much as she does, and they threaten me every day. But I adore you all.” I’m not sure where this is going.

Later, she apologised for the message, but it is clear that the families have been at odds. Sheridan released a documentary about her mental health issues last year, in anticipation of her son Billy. They only watch the characters you play, but I am very anxious when I am alone at home. She called Jamie “my rock” and said, “People say, ‘but you’re so confident.” I don’t think it’s something people expect from me.”

“I know, and I know I am so much better not to drink,” she added, thanking Jamie for encouraging her to quit drinking in 2019. According to our sources, Sheridan’s heartbreak over Jamie is already thinking about moving on. “Life with Sheridan became too erratic for Jamie, and the cracks began to appear at the beginning of this year,” she says. He wants the best for her, but he is too involved in the world of show business. Her friends are concerned that she will now go off the rails.


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