Know Insights Of ‘Somewhere With No Bridges’ Review: Of Men And Memories

A documentary, somewhere With No Bridges’ about the life of a fisherman is drawing a bit of attention these days. Moreover, the director is known for creating good content. Hence, we thought about taking a look at this documentary and help you decide should you watch it at all.


The director of the Somewhere With No Bridges is Charles Frank. The documentary tells the story of Richie Madeiras. He was a fisherman who drowned near what is called as the Martha’s Vineyard in the year 1999.

At the time of his death, he was only 44 years-old. He death had a very negative impact on his family and friends. Richie’s father is said to have been the most affected by the untimely demise.

Furthermore, the documentary tells us that he was loved by all, was a strong person and that even today, he is missed a lot.

Unfortunately, even though the central focus of the documentary is on Richie, Frank starts by describing his own life. Like how old he was in 1999. How his father was and a lot of other totally irrelevant details.

No doubt that some of the scenes taken of the fishing community are worth praising, but we really do not get the whole essence of Richie’s life.

Yes, the lives of the fisherman are depicted nicely but the documentary actually never makes it clear why Richie was so liked by all and what extraordinary he had done that people remember him fondly even today? 


The documentary thus looks more like an autobiography of Frank and not about the life of Richie. His life, it almost seems is in the background getting a mention or two then and now. If you love fishing and stuff related to fishing then you can watch the documentary once.

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