Kipo And The Age Of Wonders Beasts Season 4 Is It Releasing Or Not?

Kipo and The Age of Wonder Beasts have three seasons so far which have achieved 5 stars in all the seasons released. From the rating, it is evident how popular it is and how the production is especially with its hat trick.

The question that most of the fans of this Kipo and The Age of Wonder Beasts are wondering is about the release of season 4…

So, we bring you very good news for all!! It is confirmed that there will be a season 4 of Kipo and The Age of Wonder Beasts and most probably will be out for viewing in October 2022. Therefore, continue reading to soothe your curiosity regarding season 4. 


Redford Sechrist directed and created Kipo and the Age of Wonders Beasts. The first season premiered on January 14, 2020, and the final season premiered on October 12, 2020. Fox Productions and Warner Bros. produced this show. The last three seasons had 30 episodes each, and if the fourth season is produced, we will watch all ten episodes.

Release date updates

We have already shared the good news about the confirmation about the production of season 4 Kipo and The Age of Wonder Beasts which will be released by October 2022. The release date mentioned is just speculation as even though there is confirmation but no actual information on the official release date of season 4. Netflix has also kept the confirmation under the wraps and the intel we received was one of the leaks that happened. So, the fans can only wait patiently for its confirmation and release. 

The cast

Animation series require a great deal of input from the voice actors, graphic designers, and the creators as well as the plot for every episode to make it unforgettable. Now, let us look at some of the members that may appear in season 4 of Kipo and The Age of Wonder Beasts.

  • Kipo Oak (Karen Fukuhara)
  • Wolf (Sydney Mikayla)
  • Benson Mekler (Coy Stewart)
  • Dave (Deon Cole)
  • Mandu (Dee Bradley Baker)
  • Leo Oak (Sterling K. Brown)
  • Hugo “Scarlemagne” Oak (Dan Stevens)
  • Dr Emilia (Amy Landecker)

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We hope that all of the characters will stay the same, although some may be modified to make the show more intriguing.

What can you expect?

You all are fully aware of how previous seasons were filled with comedy, action, emotions, drama and more. So, we hope that if Season 4 is released then it will not let the previous seasons down. Previous seasons with Kipo founded the “Human Mute Ultimate Friendship Alliance” (HMUFA) in order to fight, but he also works hard to unite humans and mutes. And, created the anti-muted treatment ‘Emilia’ from his DNA. Finally, Kipo succeeds in bridging the gap between humans and muted species. The coming season should be along this line and will surely be amazing!!

Trailer updates

You are all aware that previous seasons were streamed on Netflix so, you can hope that the new coming season will be streamed on Netflix as well. As for the trailer, the season 4 updates are tightly under the wraps by Netflix, thus there is no update on the release of season 4. 

So, that’s all for the updates gathered for Kipo and The Age of Wonder Beasts season. But, do you think there will be an addition of a new character in the main cast of the upcoming season?  

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